Monday, January 16, 2012

OOTD- Just A Little Late

This is frost on the ground people!! I shouldn't complain since the snow has been pretty absent this winter.

Yeah, so the whole Missoni for Target collab was how long ago? And I am finally getting around to wearing the one clothing item I managed to snatch off the bare rack. It seems like my purchase to wear ratio is about three months, really gotta work on that.     

I love the colors and that classic zig-zag pattern is the perfect, simple way to add just enough pattern without being to crazy or overwhelming. Plus, you can't beat an outfit that is so much easier to match-up. Instead of doing the exact same colors as in the skirt, I went for a different shade with the navy (rather than sky) blue and what outfit wouldn't be complete without a bit o' leopard. It's almost like garanimals for the adult set, I can get with that! 

Outfit Details:
Blue tee- J. Crew (limited sizes available here)
Blue blazer- Priorities
Skirt- Missoni for Target (blue version available here, similar dress version here)
Leopard hat- Albertus Swanepoel for Target (similar here and here)
Brown platforms- Charlotte Ronson (similar here and here
Olive handbag- 3.1 Phillip Lim (same designer, similar color in smaller size here and here, similar here )


  1. Those booties - love!

    Funny about the Missoni thing - now when you go to, the Missoni pieces are all over the place. I feel for the folks who shelled out big bucks on Ebay!

  2. Thanks Lisa!!
    I was totally surprised to find so many Missoni items still available online.

  3. I love those tights with the skirt! I wish I were braver with colored tights - you're very inspiring!

  4. LOL @ Purchase to wear ratio! I love that skirt and I love how you styled it! Looking good!



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