Wednesday, January 11, 2012

OOTD- Same Note, Different Tone

In my alternate fashionable universe, I'm a bad-a** dresser and have a ridiculous selection of leather pieces in my closet. In this real life of mine, I just have this one little pleather piece to fill that void. Its feminine shape and the fact that it was in a color other than black or brown made it a perfect buy. 

Gray is one of those colors that just plays so well with others and besides pink, navy blue is one of my favorite pairings. And so I went full-force with the blue and matchy-matchy with a touch more gray and this outfit was born. I love it when the outfit birthing process is so easy and I didn't even need to spend anywhere close to $1.3 million to make it happen, although Blue Ivy makes a great name to call this outfit. Thanks Jay-Z and Beyonce for coming up with a good name for my outfit, oh and your baby too!!

In a fantasy world where you can have the closet of your dreams, what would you buy multiples of? Would you buy certain things (sparkly party dresses, shelves of sunglasses) or a particular designer?

Outfit Details:
Turquoise tee- StyleMint Magnolia (limited sizes available here)
Palm print cardigan- Proenza Schouler for Target
Gray pleather skirt- (old) H&M (similar shape here, really cute version here that I might have to get for myself, mini version here)
Blue patent pumps- Talbot's (similar here, comfy version here, peep-toe version here)
Olive green handbag- 3.1 Phillip Lim (same designer, different version here)


  1. i adore your new olive bag,it is so beautiful!
    in my fashion dream world i am just buying clothes that are soft(cashmere),sparkly or just plain georgious dresses.
    in my real world not a lot of that happening.

  2. I love the bag and that skirt! I'm laughing at alternate fashion universe...I thought I was the only


  3. Thanks Ina!! I've been carrying my new bag constantly. It is definitely my new favorite.
    Oh, I would definitely have lots of cashmere and sparkly in my dream closet too. My real closet definitely is not like that either.

  4. I love the pairing of the cardigan and the tights, matchy, matchy or not :).

  5. I think you know the answer to that question. I would definitely be one of those people with never ending shelves of shoes...I have NO problem buying 10 pairs of red pumps. They are all different in their own way :)

  6. Oh and I love the gray and blue palette. pretty!

  7. Hello, gorgeous bag! Love it!

  8. In my alternate fashionable universe, I would own your purse and most of the things in your closet. Hehe!

    Navy blue is my favorite. I love how your tights and shoes are both blue yet slightly different. You get an A+ in my book!

  9. Lol, Linda you have a wonderful (much larger) closet, you don't need anything in mine!

  10. I'm sure you would have a shoe closet that rivals Mariah Carey, lol.

  11. Thanks! I'm not big on matchy-matchy, but sometimes it just makes things easier.

  12. Thanks! You are definitely not the only one with an alternate universe in her head. :)


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