Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OOTD- Ms. Fancy Bottom

It's not only day three of my pencil skirt week challenge, but it is also my birthday and so I had to break out a fancy skirt today!

Once upon a time there was a skirt at J. Crew that I became obsessed with after seeing it in the catalog, but I immediately burst into tears when I looked at the price. It was never going to happen!!

The texture and shine is just fabulous, but at $400 it better come with a top, shoes and tickets to someplace fancy to wear it. I did the next best thing and went on a wild Internet goose chase to find a suitable alternative and one day, there was one. Not quite like the one I coveted, but it has great texture to it and I couldn't wait to wear it. With my high bun, red lips, and flats, I got a Audrey Hepburn inspired compliment. I'll take it!! Especially when I'm particularly proud of how big I got my bun to look. I'm determined to make it half the size of my head next time. Teasing comb, I'm coming for ya!!

What's the best compliment you've ever gotten about your outfit?

Outfit Details:
Black sweater jacket and necklace- J. Crew (necklace available here) (cardigan with a similar vibe here)
Turquoise tee- StyleMint "Magnolia" (similar color here
Brocade skirt- (Ebay find) Lida Baday (similar here in limited sizes, shimmery skirt here, similar dress in limited sizes here)
Flats- (old) Barney's New York
Black handbag- (consignment find) barr+barr


  1. Happy Birthday young lady! And awesome score on the skirt. To hell with spending $400 at J.Crew. What on earth??

  2. I really love that bun (I've been meaning to try the "sock bun" trick everyone is talking about to give that extra volume), and I know what you mean about loving a JCrew skirt. But the outfit you're wearing is fab! Happy birthday--I rarely comment but I follow your blog. :-)

  3. hey happy birthday honey, love the skirt<3

  4. happy birthday,you look great!
    some prices at jcrew are just crazy.

  5. The J Crew skirt looks pretty. I've admired it online, but haven't seen it in-person. Your skirt looks really cute & cool. Love the texture. Happy Birthday! :)

    Wear your hair like that again soon!

  6. Happy birthday! Love the blue face on your watch.

    The best compliment I've ever gotten was that I'm "Miss Couture" of the office. LOL

  7. Happy Bday belated! Hope it was special. LOVE the pretty..and Kudos on that BUN! Looks great. C

  8. Happy B-Day! I hope you've had a fantastic time!

  9. Thanks Lisa! I had a very nice birthday and I'm not done celebrating. :)

  10. Thank you for the birthday wishes and I'm so happy over here at the bun compliment. You don't know how proud I was at how it turned out, lol.

  11. Thank you!!
    I love it! Ms. Couture of the office. That's a compliment I would gladly accept. :)

  12. Thanks Gigi!!
    I definitely intend to bun it up again. I have to figure out how to make it even bigger first. :)

  13. Thank you Ina!! I definitely agree with you about the prices. Some of the new spring items had me crying a little at how expensive they are. I can't buy a $300 sequin tank!!

  14. Thank you and I'm glad you like the skirt.

  15. Thanks! I'm glad you decided to come out of hiding and comment. I love to hear from readers. :)
    Definitely give the sock bun a try. It is so easy and creates a great looking bun.

  16. Thanks Carrie!!
    I seriously think the people who set the prices drink before those meetings, lol.


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