Thursday, March 29, 2012

OOTD- Into Something Else

Do you usually buy new things for the season before it begins or do you normally wait until the weather actually changes before you purchase season-appropriate items? Although I'm not as far ahead as the fashion industry (there's no way I'm giving fall or winter a thought now that my favorite season is here), I'm definitely thinking about late spring and summer. I mean, I just bought a pair of shorts that probably won't see any wear for awhile considering the weather has been all over the place lately. I bought this dress with the hot days of summer in mind, but when it arrived, I was a little disappointed in its sheerness. Definitely, not meant for work and I'm working on plans to at least make it fit into weekend playtime. But to keep it from sitting in my closet not getting any wear, I threw on some jeans and attempted to turn this dress into a long tunic. No eye-brow raising in the office necessary plus I gave this dress double-duty; I think this relationship just might work out after all.

Do you shop ahead of the season? Do you like to make a list of items to buy or do you impulsively pick up new items?

Outfit Details:
White shirtdress and red jeans- Forever 21 (similar dress here, here and here) (similar red jeans here and here)
Black belt and lion locket- J. Crew (necklace available here)
Gray wedges- Ivanka Trump (available here on sale)
Sunglasses- House of Harlow 1960 (similar here)


  1. NaturallyFashionableMarch 29, 2012 at 8:55 AM

    You look so cute...this is the kind of look that I love to wear to work!!!

  2. Love your blush! What is it?

  3. I'm an impulsive yet responsible shopper. I tend to buy things on a whim, and as I've gotten older, they are usually items I love. Sometimes I see items at the thrift store for other seasons and I buy them because they won't be there the next time!

  4. You look great. That red pants look so nice.

  5. this is such a fun outfit! i love it! i do tend to buy as soon as the temperature starts to change.

  6. BwellputtogetherApril 3, 2012 at 9:18 PM

    Love the entire outfit and your make up looks great! Love the rosy cheeks!


  7. Thanks! I wish I had more restraint in buying like you. I get totally anxious for the change of seasons and buy beforehand.

  8. Yeah, you can't sleep on items at the thrift store. Good for you being a responsible shopper.

  9. I only wear two different blushes and I think that day I was wearing some shade from Covergirl. The color name has raspberry in it.

  10. Thanks for the sweet comment. :)


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