Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Notes from the Dressing Room-Color and Pattern Play at J. Crew

When J. Crew new arrivals call, I am there!! It's like a signal that new goodies for ready for my closet. When the new arrivals popped up on the website last week, I was tempted to run and check out what I could in person but mall time has been scarce lately. I did the next best thing and ordered a few of my favorites or what's on my needs list. Here is a small review of some newbies (and excuse the crazy hair):

Popover Tunic in Sovereign Paisley in Violet, $198, available here
Scout Chino in Mint, $69.50, available here

I have a thing for J. Crew's paisley print items, so when I saw this top I really liked it. Plus, purple is one of my color weaknesses. This little silk number had potential, I really like the pops of bright color running through the pattern that kind of looks like it could be two dragons or something. Despite my love for the color and pattern, the price and fabric just doesn't seem to match up. This is a very thin silk that didn't feel like it was of the highest quality. If I'm going to spend $200 on a silk top, I want it to feel it is worth that or more, this just didn't. Although it's described as a tunic, it wasn't especially long. It could be tucked in and look fine or worn out like it was meant to. I tried this on in my regular size and it fit well, there was just some slight button gaping for me, but nothing a little double-sided tape couldn't handle.

I'm all about the color mint these days, so when I saw these pants, I thought they would be perfect for work and the spring weather. Umm, not so much. The loose, straight leg line combined with the capri length just did not look very flattering. If it was a skinnier leg and/or a few inches longer in length, it might have worked. On the plus size, the cotton fabric is soft and the color is really pretty in person; like a stick of spearmint gum. I'm sure there's someone else who could totally rock these pants, just not me. :(  Fit is tts.

Raindrop Lace Top in Apricot Mist and Neon Azalea, $110, available here
Polka-Dot Short, $59.50, available here

I immediately fell in love with this top online and the only problem I had was figuring out which of the three colors to order. So I decided to pick two and keep my favorite. But my dilemma is that I like them both and still can't pick a favorite. I love the lacy sleeves and the great texture of this top. It has a key button hole in the back for an extra feminine touch. The scalloped edge is adorable. There is a cotton lining underneath the lace overlay. This is by far my top pick out of what I ordered and all the new arrivals. Now if I'm going to list any negatives, it would be that it is pricey. This is pretty much a cotton top that is on par with a tee. I'm a bargain hunter at heart, but sometimes I'll spend a few extra bucks for something that is unique or has fun detailing. This fits the bill for me and hey, if it ends up on sale after some time, I'll be able to get another color!! I sized up in this to accommodate my bust, but I would say it fits about tts.

Who wears short shorts?? Apparently, I do. I love polka dots, but I love polka dots even more when they are on bottoms. Skirts, pants, these shoes, I would wear them all. Therefore, I had to buy these, right? Now, I'll admit that I'm not one for exposing my legs. It's a body issue stemming from childhood/teenage-dom (isn't it crazy how long we can carry those issue around?). But when it is ridiculously hot in the summer, the less clothes the better to the point that you aren't at risk of getting arrested. What better way to keep "cool" when it gets warmer than with a cute pair of shorts. I think these are adorable. The cotton feels similar in texture to a chambray shirt and the fit is tts. These are a keeper.

So what new arrivals did you like?
What color of the Raindrop top should I keep?


  1. Ooh, that is tough. I like both colors but the pink looks absolutely lovely on you. It's such a unique color...I'd say keep that one.

    I love the shorts too but also wish they were a little longer. I hate, hate, HATE wearing shorts...I've always felt self-conscious about my legs. But they DO look cute on you! You are totally rocking them.

  2. LOVE the lace tops! Both colors are beautiful and look great on you. Apricot mist might be more versatile.
    The blouse is so pretty too. Love everything really :)

  3. I say keep both :)
    They give off different vibes. But if you can only keep one go with the apricot one. The pink was is cute but the apricot one looks just a lil better. And I think you will get more mileage out of the apricot one especially for the price.

  4. Also, I was looking at the chino pants thanks for the review because I'm going to pass on them

  5. I got the scout chinos in mint too - I rolled mine up a bit for that more cas look, because you're right, it is kind of an awkward leg when left alone.

    As for the shorts, I kind of adore them. I usually buy my shorts one size up because I want them loose. But the chambray and the dots - adore!

    I honestly didn't even notice the raindrop top before - I think I need to give it a closer look. I think for the price, you should keep the apricot. It'll go with more pieces and still feel pretty and wearable after the bright neon-y trend has gone away. If it was a lot less though, I would have voted for the neon just because it is a fun color.

  6. I love the pink raindrop top on you the best, but the other would go with more. The polka dot shorts are too cute, I just don't know if I would wear them since they are so short and I have issues with my legs. I also love the paisley tunic but only if it makes it to major markdown

  7. I love that lace top, I got it in the pink too. I thought about the beige color but I felt the pink was a better choice because you can see the detail so much better in that color. If the beige goes on sale, I might get it too though.

  8. Thanks SO much for posting these reviews! Okay, this is a tough one because I love both of the Raindrop lace tops on you. I say keep the pink one because it's such a vibrant color!!!

  9. Sweetheart, you got legs! Love the shorts on you, and dying of envy.

  10. those shorts are so cute! and they're sold out online - i'm super bummed i missed out on them

  11. Can you pls tell me what you thought about the sizing on the popover paisley blouse you have on? Did you think there was room to go down a size (J.Crew has it on sale, but I normally wear an 8 and the next largest size is a 6)?

  12. Hmm, I tried this on in my regular size and it fit pretty well minus a little button gaping that probably would have been fixed with some double sided tape.
    I would say you might be able to size down if you have a smaller size chest and you are going for a fitted look.


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