Monday, February 27, 2012

OOTD-One Down, More to Go

So, my birthday was several weeks ago, but I've decided to declare a celebration throughout the whole month!! A little family-style Italian dinner this weekend with my loved ones was definitely a great way to round out the festivities (and have me completely stuffed by the end of the night). Although it might have been a better idea to wear some stretchy pants for such an occasion, I went for my new favorite "fake you out leather" pants instead. They certainly fooled my mother and went so well with my new "birthday" tee. I used my Anthropologie birthday discount on this top and I couldn't be happier, I would totally get it in the other colors. I'm trying to figure out if it is because I had to size down two sizes and now have something small in my closet with no need to hit the gym hardcore or if it is because it helps me meet that fashion resolution of adding more prints to my closet. Now if I could just learn how to properly walk in high heels, I'll be all set in meeting those goals. Until then, I'll be the one wobbling down the street in the colorful top.

 Would you ever be swayed into buying something partially because it's in a smaller size than you normally wear? Of course, we're talking about something that you would consider buying in the first place.

Outfit Details:
Hot pink blazer- (thrifted) Gap (similar here, pale pink version available here, similar here)
Watercolor tee- Anthropologie (available here, same tee in different print here, here and here)
Burgundy waxed jeans- J Brand (available here, similar here)
Navy patent pumps- Talbots (similar here, similar here in a metallic version, and round-toe version here)
Blue/brown handbag- Rebecca Minkoff MAC (similar here, teal version here, similar mini version here)


  1. Ooh! I totally thought those pants were real leather. Awesome! Yeah, I am totally more attracted to something if I take a smaller size in it. I try to pause and think -- is this really the right size or do I just want it to be. Juuust in case my eyes are deceiving me.

  2. I have so many items in my closet that are either smaller or bigger than my size. I just try to work 'em out. lolol.

    Meanwhile, Happy belated Birthday! Really digging the pants. It sure does look like real leather. Your pink blazer is really cute!

  3. Highfashion4lessMarch 2, 2012 at 4:55 PM

    you look fabulous! i love those pants!


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