Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Notes from the Dressing Room- An Assortment at J.Crew

I had some mall time this past weekend, so you know where I ended up. J.Crew, of course!! The store was filled with many new goodies in lots of fun colors, but it was ridiculously crowded so I only had time for a speedy try-on session. Check out a small selection of what's on the rack these days:

Cashmere Boyfriend Sweater, $248.00, available here
Anchors Aweigh Pant, $158.00, available here

I have to confess that I just grabbed a basic color top to try on with these pants and this top was it. It was so unbelievable cozy and soft which would be great if it was the dead of winter, but as a spring/summer piece, it is not appropriate (I would melt into a puddle of sweat if I dared to wear it outside). In addition to being soft, the v-neck was a good amount of skin showing without being too much. It has a bit of a boxy, oversized shape, but it is the perfect piece to just throw on and go. If I was in the market for a cashmere sweater, I would definitely keep my eye on this number, but that's many months away that I would even want to think about a sweater. I tried this on a size smaller than I normally do and I honestly think I could have went another size down, my only concern might be whether the sleeves would be tighter.

Okay, I posted my pajama pants from Madewell recently (see post here) and these are pretty much the same pants, so I love them. It has a loose, silky feel with the cutest anchor print, a tie waistband and pockets. It would be like putting on a pair of lounge pants, but a bit more "dressed up" in a way. I sized down and it felt good. It skimmed without being baggy or unflattering. My other jammie pants are so similar which is why I haven't pulled the trigger on these, but I'm seriously putting them on my sale watch list.

Tee not available online (Style #83104) in Neon Pink, $39.50, similar style here
Cafe Capri in Safari Cat, $118.00, available here

Oh, I wished this top was online because it was my favorite. It has a low scoop neckline, elbow-length sleeves and a nice pop of color. It also came in another colorway with a mint green background with a neon melon stripe. I'm not all striped out with my wardrobe yet and although I don't need anymore tees, I will definitely be thinking about getting this one. Fit is tts.

J.Crew sneaked these pants onto the website last week and I just had to check them out. Leopard is the new black and I need as much of it in my closet. :) These cafe capris are similar to all the other ones, but they are made of thick linen. I normally shy away from the wrinkle monster fabric that is linen, but these feel substantial and like they would hold their shape well. Plus, the print would definitely help to hide major wrinkles. I sized down from my normal pant size in these, which I normally do with the cafe capris and they felt good; not too loose or tight. I know prints (especially on the bottom) aren't for everyone, but I thought these were well made. Thumbs up and on my watch list.

Collection Pleated Blouson Dress in Wild Peony, $350.00, available here

Oh, pretty pink dress, how I had such high hopes for you. Soft pleating and a pretty color, I was sure this would be a winner, but there were too many minuses going on with it. The top part is a bit boxy, so you might run the risk of looking like a line backer like I do. I tried this on in a size up because my regular size wasn't on the rack and the waist was tight. Sizing might be tricky depending on your body shape, so my thought is to size up. It falls right below the knee and has pleating in both the front and back. It is a lovely dress, but for the price and its fit, I don't think it is worth buying. I know this would be a great dress for someone out there, just not me. Too bad because the color is gorgeous!

That's all the reviews for now. Have you checked out the newest arrivals at J.Crew? Is there something you have your eye on?


  1. I think you rock both of those capris!

  2. Really love that magenta coloured dress on you!!

  3. I would like to say that you do not look like a linebacker in that dress. I thought it looked very nice on. Just saying.

  4. I don't think you look like a linebacker in that dress! The color looks beautiful on you, and I love the pleats. I think you could jazz it up with a big sash or belt.

    I've been crushing on that striped Puffection dress (I think it's Collection) but I haven't seen it in my local stores. It looks darn cute on the website.

  5. Love the leopard pants but I see won't be taking a closer look at the pleated dress! Still love the color though...


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