Thursday, May 10, 2012

OOTD-Sitting, Standing, Waiting

I had to take a business trip last week that required a train ride, transfer with a waiting period, and then another train ride, so an outfit that was nothing but comfort was top priority. Now, I haven't achieved the level of travel chic that Victoria Beckham has strutting through the airport in 6-inch boots and a fitted dress, but I'm no slob either (although next to her, I'm sure everyone else would look that way). I had to work during the day, so with all of that time sitting, it was important that I arrive as wrinkle-free and fresh looking as possible. Cotton and polyester were the name of the game and I couldn't leave out color. No need being flammable and boring, j/k. By the time I reached my destination (Atlantic City, by the way), I was easily ready to drop my bags off in the hotel room and head right out to meet and greet (or eat and gamble, as the case might have been).

I don't travel as often as I'd like, but cottons and knits have always been first in line for staying comfortable during long periods. And don't forget shoes that are easy to slip on/off and to walk in, some kind of coat/jacket/scarf in case the air is blasting on arctic, and don't forget the trashy magazines (or intellectual reading if that's your thing).

What do you usually wear when taking trips?

Outfit Details:
Cardigan, tee and belt- Madewell (similar tee in other colors here) (belt on sale here)
Magenta pants- ASOS (same pant with slimmer leg line here and dressier version here, similar color in a denim here and get 30% off with code MAY30)
Tan strappy sandals- LOFT (available here  in black, other colors are available in limited sizes)
Blue handbag- Zara (available here)


  1. beautiful colours!! this is total travel chic!! xox P

  2. So cute! Love the purple fuschia colour pants!

  3. A dark bottom. Closed toe shoes because my feet get cold on the plane and colorful accessories. I like that belt.

  4. Love the color of your pant.


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