Tuesday, July 10, 2012

OOTD- Cold Shoulders

How often do you dress out of your comfort zone? Strapless dresses are usually avoid territory for me due to my body shape and the mechanics of keeping said dress up where it belongs, but when I saw this dress in my local store, it was immediate adoration. Seriously, you guys know I like my fun prints and what is more fun than bikes. Bicycles always bring back fond memories for me as I remember when I was a young girl and one year my father bought me a pretty pink bike for Christmas. It was so warm that particular year that I was outside riding a few minutes later with no coat. I can still remember that carefree feeling while I rode up and down the block. 

So what was I talking about...oh, yes, saying no to strapless. I tried this on and couldn't stop smiling in the mirror. Always a good sign to buy in my book. I threw caution to the wind and made it mine and the construction is perfect for being flattering and it stays in place so I am happy to report that I'm glad to step out of the box on this little lady. Now, I probably won't be wearing strapless items every day, but I will definitely take another look at something I said "no way" to before. A good surprise might be in store!

Do you have any items in your closet that makes you think of your past? Old ex's tee? A jacket from hs? A fun print?

Outfit Details:
Bicycle print dress- Anthropologie (different print but similar style here and cute plus size alternative here)
Brown woven belt- thrifted (similar here, here and here)
Tan croc print handbag- Rebecca Minkoff MAM (cute textured alternative here and here)
Tan sandals- Sam Edelman "Trina" (this website had the most sizes available here, almost the same shoe in a different brand available here)


  1. Strapless dresses were also i no-no for me(because i dont have a lot to hold it up),but the amie dress from jcrew changed my mind. I am so glad i tried it!

    the dress looks lovely on you!!!!

  2. I never liked strapless dresses, because I hate my arms, but I've been rocking thme all summer so far. I decided it was too hot for all that extra material. Plus my boyfirend hates when I wear a sweater with my dresses. He's going to fall out from heat stroke one day. I love this dress. Did you trim your hair ?

  3. You look soooo cute! Love that dress!!

  4. Oh you have those sandals that I am out of luck finding them in my size (7). This must be so popular that the most common size is sold out everywhere :(

  5. AtasteforscarletJuly 10, 2012 at 4:17 PM

    That's adorable. I love strapless dresses, but am afraid to where them as well.

    Great look for summer.

  6. i love that dress on you! what an adorable print too ! i think you should ignore the "avoid territory" category for strapless dresses: - you are seriously rocking this xox P


  7. That is so perfect on you. I think I've blogged about those shoes a few times, but don't own them. Thanks for sharing pics. You can also wear the dress w/a top over it so you're working the skirt portion of it, with a cardi...there are options in addition to the strapless :)

    I like it so much!

  8. I love the print of this dress, it's so fun! It looks so great on you too, love the sweetheart neckline and crisscross at the top. Your styling is awesome!

  9. Thanks so much!! You just named all of the things that I love about this dress. So many great details.

  10. Thanks Gigi! I was actually thinking towards the end of that day that the next time I'll cover up a bit with my denim vest. I have to get used to wearing strapless.
    I think you should consider these sandals. They are by far my favorite and most worn purchase of this season.

  11. I totally know how you feel. One thing you could try is putting a tank underneath so that you're more covered. I haven't tried it yet because I want to find prettier tanks.

  12. I did trim my hair, it was long overdue!
    I say rock on with the strapless. I didn't like having my legs out years ago and used to wear jeans during the summer. I get hot just thinking about that. But it's too hot to care about some insecurities, lol.

  13. I'm glad you were able to find your very own strapless dress to change your mind. The amie looks perfect for the summer!

  14. Love this on you so much!!!! I also bought and love it! So cute with that belt and the shoes.


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