Monday, September 10, 2012

Notes from the Dressing Room-Kirna Zabete at Target

Do you still get excited for the designer collaborations at Target or are you been there, no big deal anymore? Well, I'm all for a new mix of products from designers and stores in these collaborations, so I was at Target first thing Sunday morning for a peek at The Shops. Home goods and products from Patch NYC and the Curiosity Shoppe, menswear from Odin and what I really came for, womenswear and accessories from the ladies who run a boutique with fabulous things I could only hope to afford one day, Kirna Zabete. Here are some dressing room reviews of several items from this collection:

Kirna Zabete for Target Long-Sleeve Tee in Black/Blue/Gray Kiss Print, $19.99, available here
Kirna Zabete for Target Hi-Low Hem Skirt in Blue Geometric Print. $29.99, available here  

I'm real into Aztec prints right now, so this shirt was up my alley although it has kisses on it. I didn't even realize they were kisses until I saw the product description. They don't stand out as much in the blue print as it does in the pink colored tee. This top is a nice variation on the whole stripe trend going on. I really liked it although the sleeves and length are rather long (so long-waisted girls will be happy). I put this on my maybe list on print alone and the fact that it has a slim silhouette. Fit is tts.

I'm not big on the high-low hemline in skirts, but thought I would give this a try. I could just imagine it now with bare legs and later with tights and ankle boots. The print is really pretty. It has a geometric print on the top layer and the bottom layer is a floral print in the same color palette. It's comfortable (elastic waist) and tts. The low part of the skirt hits about knee-length with the high hitting a few inches longer. It's not a dramatic high-low line, but it is sure to be flattering on lots of ladies. I give this skirt a thumbs up.

Kirna Zabete for Target Long-Sleeve V Neck Jersey Dress in Red Geometric Print, $34.99, available here

I love red, but don't have a lot of it in my closet, so when I saw this red printed dress I thought why not. Now it's rather plain with its simple line/shape, but there are some nice details going on. The sleeves have a sheer red panel going down and the hem has a sheer red panel of fabric as well. I like interesting details, but for some reason I wasn't loving this dress. Perhaps it could have benefited from a belt for some shape or a smaller size, but my feelings were meh. Fit is tts to slightly big. Size according to whether you want a fitted or looser shape.

Kirna Zabete for Target 3/4 Sleeve Knit Sweater in Gray/Pink Polka Dot, $29.99, available here
Kirna Zabete for Target Faux Leather Skirt in Black, $39.99, available here

This sweater peaked my interest when I saw it in the lookbook, so it definitely went into my shopping basket. The color combo is nice and the fabric is soft. Although the dots are raised, they aren't designed to add tremendous bulk to the sweater. They went a little different with the sleeve-length that I'm not sure what to think of and leaves me on the fence about the sweater. I tried this on in my normal size, but think I could have sized down. What do you think? Size down? Overall, I think this piece went on my like list for detailing. I certainly don't have a sweater like this in my closet.

I'm covering it up a bit with this sweater, but the bottom is a faux leather skirt. Faux leather is always an iffy thing. A lot of times it isn't done right and just looks exactly like what it is, faux. Every once in awhile, it looks like the real thing. Unfortunately, this looks like faux leather. It has a shiny, plastic sheen to it that just isn't nice. It's really too bad though because the shape and fit were totally on point. Maybe if it was that coated cotton that's made to look like leather, it would have been cuter, but in this form, it's not worth the price. Fit is tts.

Kirna Zabete Ponte Zip Front Dress in Gray, $49.99, available here

I don't know what's up with the flamingo pose in the second picture, but I wanted you to see the cute lining. This knit dress has some lovely things going on. First, check out the polka dot lining (the lining is only around the bottom portion of the dress). Second, the color is a perfect shade of gray that will lend itself to so many fabulous colors. Third, the fit is great. It skims the body without being too tight. I can see this dress working with several body types. Now, I'm sure the zipper front will be polarizing. Some people like exposed zippers, some don't. I don't mind an exposed zipper, but I wish this one wasn't silver. I think it would have been better in a black or to have the zipper covered with a panel of fabric. Also, this ponte knit is a bit wrinkle city. I'm completely surprised at how wrinkled this fabric is because I thought this kind of knit was designed to keep the wrinkles at bay. Certainly, nothing an iron couldn't handle, but that took a few points from this dress. I believe I tried this on in my normal size (10) which fit fine, but I think this runs a smidge small.

Kirna Zabete for Target Full Jacquard Skirt in Teal, $39.99, available here

I love a full skirt, so this was right up my alley. The color is gorgeous, the fabric is interesting and feels nicely made (at least for Target). I looked at the selection online before heading out to the store and this skirt was at the top of my must try/might buy list. It was still at the top of my list once I tried on lots of stuff. I didn't think it was too voluminous and the length is great at just above the knee. Now about that fit....this skirt is designed to be high-waisted so the waistband is a bit tight. There is no way that I would have fit into my normal size, so I actually sized up two sizes because that's what was on the rack and it fit! Now, I do have a bit of  tummy action going on, so that affected my sizing, but I would size up at least one if you are interested in this skirt. Along with the fit, there was a section of pleating that didn't want to lay flat. I'm not sure if that was a packing issue or if that was an issue with the design of the skirt, but keep that in mind if those kinds of things bug you. Overall, this is my favorite piece in the collection and I give it a thumbs up. If this blue doesn't necessarily float your boat, it also comes in black (available here).

Kirna Zabete for Target Zip Front Sleeveless Tweed/Faux Leather Dress in Black/White, $44.99, available here
I can't resist tweed, so this was a must try. It has a simple shift shape, but really nice black faux leather accents. The faux leather I don't mind so much on this piece because it's done in small quantities here and there. Overall, I thought this was really nice because of the accents, but the tweed is definitely not high quality. Not that I would expect it to be on par with pricier tweeds out there, but this was wrinkle prone. One sitting and it would just look unkempt. I was really disappointed in that aspect because otherwise it would be a great buy. Also, not great was its short length. Sure, it would work fine for the weekend, but this was a bit too short for office-wear. Despite my misgivings, I still like this dress and think the design is cute.

So what do you all think of this collection? Did you have a chance to check it out at your local Target or online? I ended up buying the teal skirt and some candleholders from the Patch NYC collection (check out my Instagram for a pic). That was my favorite collection out of all four, but that's probably because I'm in a home decorating kind of mood these days.


  1. Thanks for sharing pics. It's nice to see some of the items you tried that were not available at my store. I am passing on this collection. The Target collab hype has worn off for me. The fabrics and construction aren't there. Replace the label w/Merona or Mossimo and it's all the same.

  2. i LOVE the tweed dress, the jacquard skirt and the zipper-front dress on you!! makes me want to give that a try. but i don't care for the lining peeking out from underneath. i guess it could be removed? but then again, i'm afraid that dress will be shorter than i like on me, since you mentioned it runs small.

    but seriously. GET That tweed dress! it's amazing on you.

  3. I was at Target yesterday and was pretty impressed with the Kirna Zabete collection. Gorgeous prints that are ready to be mixed. Their accessories were pretty cute, too.

    That sweater is off the chain! It looks great on you.

  4. The black and tweed dresses are soo cute.

  5. You are totally making me re-think the tweed dress. It looks GREAT on you. So does that zip front dress. So super cute!

  6. Oo love the jacquard skirt!! I need to take a trip to Target!

  7. Super cute! Love the sweater, I may have to get that. I don't think it's too big, I like the slouchy look & it'd look cute over a pair of skinnies. That tweed shift looks great on you! maybe you could make up for the length by pairing it with black opaque tights & flats. I wish I could wear all the cute little dresses & skirts from these Target collections, but I'm tall (5'10") & they're usually way too short on me.


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