Friday, September 7, 2012

OOTD-This and That

Happy Friday guys!! Are you pooped from all of last night's Fashion Night Out festivities? I tried to hang, but just couldn't do it beyond checking out a handful of stores (I can't imagine what it was like in NYC). I must be getting old because the crowds were too much for me. I did get a free cupcake though, so life is good.

I felt unintentionally patriotic in this outfit with the red, white and blue colors running through my jacket and pants. But it also felt awesome because I stepped out of my comfort zone with some mixing. I tried texture with pattern which is a bit more subtle than pattern and pattern. Who knows what might come next? I saw this outfit on Net-a-Porter's website recently that has my fashion wheels turning. I want to reinvigorate the outfit combinations I can create with my current clothing so I don't feel the need to go out and buy a new wardrobe. I'm trying to please my wallet a bit more right now since I still haven't found that money tree or won the lottery. But if I go temporarily insane and end up buying something ridiculously expensive like this, I will plead that I was blinded by the pretty.

What Fall/Winter trend are you excited to try out?

Outfit Details:
Red tank- Old Navy (on sale here and in other colors, blouse option here, cute star print option here)
Flower jeans- LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls (available here, alternative for the new season here)
Tweed blazer- Banana Republic (alternative here and here)
Blue handbag- Zara (available here in a gorgeous bordeaux color, also available here in other colors)
Tan sandals- Sam Edelman (available here in limited sizes, I LOVE THESE SANDALS, GET A PAIR)
Arrow necklace- Stella & Dot (available here in silver, cute alternative with a heart too here, easy on the budget option here)
Bead necklace- DIY project (modeled after this necklace here in limited quantities, also available here)

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  1. I love those LC floral jeans on you! Sadly I was working and didn't attend FNO, but a free cupcake in itself is worth it to me! My wallet is about to be on lockdown, but if I find a money tree I will let you know and I will buy the Givenchy fold over boots!

  2. Hehe, I adore my trina sandals too. And I adore your Zara tote - I had been eyeballing it, but my short stature makes it look to unweildy (sp?) on me!

  3. Every time you wear these jeans, I keep thinking they're the CoH ones! I like how you paired them with a tweed jacket.

    When the weather cools down, I want to wear my Doll boots more often.

  4. Yes, your RM boots are very adorable, I know why you can't wait to break those out again.
    I love COH and I loved their flower jeans, but I'm glad I scored these instead. Perfect duplicate!

  5. I can totally understand your hesitation with this bag because I had the same concerns. That's why I'm glad I got this smaller size because it works perfectly. Definitely keep your eye out for the mini shopper if they ever produce other colors. I think its size would be great.

  6. Now that is some boot!! I hope you find that money tree, not only for my sake, but also so you can have a fabulous new pair of boots. :)

  7. I've been on the hunt for some floral print jeans, your look is so cute!
    new online boutique!


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