Tuesday, September 4, 2012

OOTD- Days Go By

It's September guys!! The months have seemed to just fly on by and now Fashion Week (where I would love to be but am not), fall clothing (so many new things to add to the closet, so little money for it all) and even pumpkin spice lattes have arrived. Yes, I did have a pumpkin spice frappuccino and yes, it was seasonally wrong and wonderful.

With some holiday downtime, I broke out my bright white blazer and neon shirt for probably its last appearance this year. Although I'm loving those deep, rich colors being displayed in all the magazines, I might have to sneak a bit of brightness in every now and then. I mean, how can you not be happier with color this bright?  Okay, I'm off to search for a neon sweater, lol. I might have to make room in my fall budget for a touch of neon.

Outfit Details:
Neon pink shirt- J.Crew (similar here and here in long-sleeve version)
White blazer- Forever 21 (cute budget friendly option here)
Denim shorts- (thrifted) Old Navy
Colorblock flats- ShoeMint (similar solid color option here and neutral alternative here)
Aztec earrings- JewelMint (cute option here)
Neon wallet/purse- Rebecca Minkoff (same color available here, awesome studded option here in other colors, small quilted bag option here)


  1. Nice blazer! I cannot believe it's from Forever 21. I swear sometimes you can find great pieces there.

  2. Forever 21 can be a gem mine sometimes. I have a few new pieces from there that I give a serious thumbs up.


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