Thursday, November 29, 2012

Notes from the Dressing Room-Madewell, Dress Edition

Madewell is currently offering 25% off dresses, so this post is right on time. I've mentioned before how I love a Madewell dress. They always offer an array of different shapes, colors and prints. I usually can't resist something in their new arrivals. Here are a few reviews from a recent store visit and an order with the holiday 25% off deal.

Colorblock Sequin Dress, original price $198.00 (on sale for $149.50), available here

I circled this dress in the store debating if I should even try it on, but I couldn't resist the call of the sequins. This dress is so festive and perfect for a fancy or even a not so fancy party or event this holiday season. It has a simple shape, but the light to dark (silver to navy to black) sequins give it lots of character. I sized up in this dress due to the zipper and the fitted waistband and that was definitely a good call. It still has a bit of shape, but there is room to feel comfortable dancing the night away or eating some yummy food without feeling constricted. The hemline isn't obscenely short, the sequins seemed well made and it has a lining. My only issue is the band around the waist. The ribbon on the website blended better into the dress, but this one just felt off to me. I think it might be the curve under the bustline. It would look better if they were both straight across or if the ribbon was moved a few inches higher. Despite that, I give this dress a big thumbs up and with the sale going on, a must buy.

Silk Multiprint Dress, on sale for $109.99, available here
I saw this dress online and instantly fell in love with the print and colors. I had to see what it was all about although I knew the shape would be iffy. When I pulled this dress out of the package, I still loved all of the colors in this dress, but I want to note that the blue sections down the front aren't as vibrant as they seem online. Then I tried on the dress and I just don't know what to think. Now this is a simple shift dress with very little to no shape. I threw on a simple belt with it to give it some kind of shape, but it didn't really work right because it created bunching and made the dress even shorter. It could definitely look better with a fitted cardi over it, but it would be a shame to cover up this dress. Sizing down might make the body fit nicer, but I have a feeling that it would be tight underneath the arms or across the shoulders. The length is about 2-2.5 inches above my knee, so it could definitely work for the shorter ladies (I'm 5'4). One thing I didn't like was the sleeve length. It isn't quite full-length and not really bracelet length. On the plus size, this dress is lined and it has pockets! The colors in this dress make it extremely versatile with a variety of colored tights for winter, but it would totally work alone in the warmer months. Truthfully, I would be inclined to keep this for the print/color alone, but I would love to hear your opinion. Keep or return?

Long-Sleeve Tunic Dress, original price $155.00 (on sale for $114.50), available here

I saw this dress in the last batch of new arrivals and instantly loved the color (also comes in black), how could I not with the name majesty purple? This particular dress doesn't have a defined shape like the dress I reviewed above, however the fact that it would work better with a belt and the button-up part at the top that allows some skin to show makes this number a bit more flattering. I tried this on in my normal alpha size (sames as above) and it fit well. If I sized down, there would be some serious button gaping going on, so I would stick to my regular size. The color is lovely, a rich grape purple shade (but like the crayon and not the juice, lol). The length works perfectly as a dress for me, but I suppose the taller ladies would find that this is more a tunic or mini-dress like it is on the model. I also want to note that the hemline is longer in the back, but it isn't as pronounced as it is shown on the website. I little disappointing for me, but not a big deal. This dress also has a neither here nor there kind of sleeve-length that I'm not crazy about, but this one works better at showing off the arm parties. Now this dress isn't lined and doesn't have pockets (serious sad face), but it has more potential. It would work so well with lots of other colors and it has a all-season quality. I'm certainly inclined to keep it, I can't resist the color, but I haven't made up my mind. I would still give it a thumbs up.

Any dresses at Madewell that you are eyeing? Are you going to take advantage of this latest promo?
Weigh in on the last two dress--should I keep or return?


  1. I'm interested in the Silk Multiprint Dress but they only have a Medium left online. What size are you wearing if you don't mind my asking?

  2. thanks for these reviews - the sequin call is hard to resist!! the multiprint dress has a lot of potential. if you were inclined to keep any one, i'd go for that one.

    xox P

  3. Silk multiprint dress: I think you could do better! I get what you like about it but I don't think it is as flattering as other dresses you have tried here. ( I love the sequin dress on you though I agree on "what is the ribbon doing here and why are there no straight lines") That said, I can totally see why you like it (what a beautiful print PLUS lining PLUS pockets: be still my beating heart!) and my suggestions would be first,to try some necklace ideas. I have seen some bloggers get amazing results with necklaces as it can trick the eye about the design of a dress, can bring the eye up to the face, can make a "pretend" neckline from the shape of the necklace. Some sort of "statement" necklace (I dislike that phrase) which is not speaking so loud as to challenge the pattern of the dress might help with your perception of shapelessness. Also, I would choose colored tights (that's just me) and neat shoes, I don't know what I mean by that, but nothing that would challenge the dress but would make a neat base. And of course, there is always tailoring but given how big my pile of "I should really get that tailored" items is, I can hardly make that suggestion!

  4. That sequin tank dress is gorge on you!

  5. The sequin dress is beautiful & I actually like the print dress. I agree about the sleeve length though, maybe if you think it's worth it, have a tailor shorten the sleeves to a true bracelet length. A long multi chain layered look necklace would be cute too. As far as shoes, maybe a little ankle strap flat when worn with bare legs, and a sturdy heel pump like the J.Crew Etta would be cute with tights.

  6. awesome finds babe


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