Tuesday, December 18, 2012

OOTD-We Were On A Break

Wow, I sure took a hiatus that was longer than expected. Between the holiday season, getting prepared for Christmas and honestly needing a surge of fashion inspiration, it's been a little slow going on the blogging front. But I miss all of you guys and this blog and I swear I have been getting dressed (not getting dressed because there's nothing to wear in my closet is just not an option in real life). Like this weekend when I braved the malls to tackle some of my Christmas shopping. I managed to last a few hours before I was reading to expire from hunger and annoyance at being in a crowded mall and I knocked a few names off my list (sigh, but still several more to go). Lots of walking and bag holding required comfort from head to toe, so I threw on some jeans and a tee. Of course I couldn't leave out style too, so I added some color and loaded up with jewelry including a few new pieces from BaubleBar that I'm totally loving. And all of this jewelry layering has me craving more cute and edgy pieces. Maybe Santa will be really nice this year since I've been a very good girl...most of the time. :)

Have you finished your holiday shopping?
Have you been partaking in the two for me, one for you gift strategy like I have?
Have all of these retail sales been driving your wallet mad?

Outfit Details:
Blue blazer- old Lilly Pulitzer (similar here, here and here)
Gray tee- stolen from my guy H&M
Boyfriend jeans- Madewell (available here, similar here)
Purple suede flats- Madewell (available here on sale)
Sunglasses- StyleMint
Magenta handbag-old Kale
Necklaces (from top to bottom)-initial, old Urban Outfitters (similar here), heart, old Forever 21 (cute alternative here; double bar necklace, BaubleBar (available here in silver, alternative here)
Bracelets- left arm from top to bottom-white studded cuff, old Forever 21(alternative here); double arrow bracelet, Baublebar; purple skull bracelet, BaubleBar (available here)
Bracelet- right arm from top to bottom- studded bracelet, old Forever 21; gold watch, old Nixon (similar here); fox bracelet, BCBG (alternative here on sale, alternative here in colors)


  1. very cute outfit - glad to see you back!! hope your adventure to the mall was fruitful - i'm so reluctant to go to the mall around this time of year. it's too crowded for me to think straight! xox P


  2. I cracked up when I saw your Instagram comment! Glad you are back and survived mall mania!

  3. I love your casual look!


  4. My dad had the sudden "inspiration" that he needed more Christmas decor today so we trekked into Walmart - wall to wall people! Then tried Target - much calmer, but still!

    Happy holidays!

  5. I firmly believe in the " one for you, two for me" method. Lol. Glad to see you're back.

  6. I love the pink and purple on your outfit and makeup! Those colors look amazing on you! :DD Happy Holidays!


  7. LOVE the layered necklaces!! I need to find my perfect necklace combo.


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