Wednesday, August 17, 2011

OOTD-You Look So Chanel!!!

That's what my co-worker told me. I'll take it, along with a Jumbo flap, a pair of ballet flats and a real tweed suit with the Chanel logo magically appearing in my closet. Until that happens, my tweed jacket will just have to do. I adore this little jacket with its lovely lady details (bracelet sleeves, collarless, interesting trim).  Fun fashion makes being a woman kind of awesome. Much better than a uniform of cargo shorts and a plaid to. It's enough to have me singing Shania Twain's old song.

If you clicked the link and got the song stuck in your head, you're very much welcome. Let's all prance around today with that running around in our minds. :)

Outfit Details:
Tweed blazer- Banana Republic (similar style here and here)
Lavender tee- J. Crew (similar here)
Gray skirt- ??? (secondhand)
Purple sandals- Loeffler Randall (available here in limited sizes, here in a different color)
Lavender studded handbag- Spotted Moth (available here)


  1. That is a very Chanel like jacket!

  2. Don't you just love the "look for less" :)

  3. you look amazing, I love the touches of purple!!


  4. Great! I have the instrumental intro stuck in my head, and I didn't click on the link! I already knew which song you were talking about.:) I love tweed, especially pants, and you coworker hit the nail on the head! Don't we all wish that a large flap would magically appear in our closets.


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