Friday, June 22, 2012

OOTD- Never Let Them See You Sweat

The calender proclaimed that it is officially summer and Mother Nature joined in the party with ridiculously high temperatures the past few days. It's a good thing that I took these pictures right after I left the house because if you had caught me oh around 10 minutes later, you would have seen a very colorful, sweaty blob on the subway. Ah the joys of this time of year! I'm going to manage the best way I can with hair up, arms out, floaty fabric and an ice cold bottle of water by my side. Or better yet, I think I'll hire my own personal butler to hold an umbrella over me when I'm outside, keep a fan blowing on me at all times and makes me cocktails on demand. Yeah, I think I like that idea better and it would sure make the weather more bearable. Do you think anyone would respond to that kind of Craigslist ad, lol?

What do you do/wear to make the hot weather tolerable?

Outfit Details:
Dress- not available Madewell (this year's version available here, similar with pretty texture here, pretty wrap version here)
Knit belt- J. Crew (this year's version available here)
Handbag- Rebecca Minkoff MAM (same bag in a similar color here, similar color and texture here, similar alternative here)
Purple bow heels- customed designed via Milk & Honey (this year's version of what inspired my design here, adorable alternative here, here and here in limited sizes or design your very own pair here
Sunglasses- StyleMint


  1. beautiful outfit!
    yellow is your color.

  2. I love the dress. As soon as I saw it, I said, "Madewell!"

    The weather is hot here, too, but I must say evenings are wonderful! I like that the sun sticks around longer, and we can sit outside to 9 p.m.

    Someone might reply to your ad. Just call it an ad for a blog intern.

  3. Those heels and that dress - love, love!

    When it gets really hot, the only material I can possibility wear is cotton. But what is up with those cotton dresses with the poly linings - missing the point?!

  4. looks amazing!!!

  5. I am jealous of the heat! We are back to cool and rain again today, I hate needing to wear a jacket in the bloody June!
    Love the pairing of yellow and purple! Tho shoes....ahhh.... :)

  6. BeautyStyleGrowthJune 22, 2012 at 7:57 PM

    Love your hair like that. It reveals how beautiful your face better.

  7. Great colours. I love your blog and style.

  8. cute bun and yellow dress!

  9. gorgeous!!! this is a perfect look. yellow is such a great color.

  10. You look SO good with your hair pulled back!


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