Monday, June 18, 2012

Notes from the Dressing Room- Anchor Down at J. Crew

New arrivals popped up online at J. Crew last week and I had to see them in person. You'll notice in these pics that J.Crew went a bit crazy with a particular print this rollout, but it was also exciting to see so many color selections available. Check out a few items that I reviewed:

Tippi Sweater in Heart Me in Cove Dusk, $89.50, available here
Cafe Capri in Kaleidoscope Dot, $148.00, available here

So there was a heart sweater out last year (see in this post here) and it was all the rage in the blogosphere. A little bit cutesy with the big heart, but not done in the way that would have someone thinking it belonged on a young girl instead. As much as I want to love this sweater, I just can't. That lopsided heart doesn't work for me. On the plus side, the color combo is a classic and the peacock combination that it also comes in is really pretty. I find the fit to be tts; it skims the body well. This sweater is made of a relatively thin wool that makes it great for those air conditioned indoors or on a cooler evening. I have one Tippi sweater in my closet and over time it has developed the fuzzies. So you might want to keep that in mind if you find yourself wanting this sweater.

Holy retro wallpaper!! J.Crew is certainly working the printed pants this season. As out there as this print may be, I think I kind of like it. The thing about this kind of print is that you have to style it the right way to make it look contemporary and/or chic. This has a nice, slim line and is made of a good thick cotton. I sized down in this and it actually fit pretty well, but it could benefit from some tailoring in the back. It doesn't look as streamlined in the back like it does on the model. I still give it a thumbs up, but I know that print might be an acquired taste.

Anchors Away Tee, $39.50, available here
No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Cotton in Golden Burgundy, $110.00, available here
This top is only the tip of the anchor iceberg at J.Crew this season. They couldn't get enough of this print, so they put it on everything. I like them on this tee because the anchors are subtle enough that you wouldn't be able to tell exactly what they are unless you were close-up. As you can see from this pic, the tee is a bit sheer. It also has a fitted style. I sized down in this and it didn't make me feel like I was squeezed into this top. Although I do think this tee is pretty cute, I'm not sure I would spend $40 on it because the thin cotton would give me concerns about the wear in the future. I can just see potential tears from washing.

J.Crew knows how to make a good pencil skirt, so when I saw this on the website I immediately liked it because of the deep burgundy color, but I also thought it was a little weird as a summer item. Yes, it is made of a thick, hold you together cotton that is great for the summer weather, but the color reads as perfect for the fall and winter. Regardless, I think this is a great pencil skirt. The fit is tts. My only issue is that with a cotton skirt, I would be a wrinkled mess after sitting all day. I actually wished it was made of the same wool as a suiting skirt that I purchased last year because it was thin enough to get away with in the summer without burning up and the fabric reduced the amount of wrinkles. This skirt is going on my wish list though because the color alone, I like and I can see it working so well in the coming months.

Perfect Shirt in Anchors and Horseshoes, $78.00, available here

Ahh, more anchors, this time in a button down shirt and horseshoes! This shirt is a pretty red color and it is a real red and not an orange-red, a color that I find lacking on the racks these days. I tried this on in my normal size and although the body fit okay, it wasn't the right size because it pulled at the chest. For that reason, I would size up, but keep in mind that I usually have to do this with tops to accommodate my bust. One thing I noticed was that the arms were kind of tight. Overall, it is cute, but not enough to make me want to take it home. 


Drapey Elbow Sleeve Tee in Bright Maize, $34.50, available here
Postage Stamp Mini in Dizzy Anchors, 98.00, available here
I've tried this top on before in a neon pink and white stripe version and I loved it, but this solid color version seems to be slightly different in that the cotton seems thinner. I felt that it was slightly sheer-ish. I still love the shape and this yellow color is pretty and vibrant. I think I tried this on in a size smaller than I normally do because sizes were lacking in the store, so I would say this is tts. Whether it would hold up with washing is a concern with this one too, but I think I might have to pick one up for myself in the future. The neckline is great for showcasing a pretty necklace and I feel like it is rare to find an elbow-length sleeve these days.

Hey, what's that print on this skirt!? It's a can't miss it if you tried anchor print. I'm not sure how I feel about the huge anchors, but I love the shape of this skirt. It is quite a mini, so ladies taller than my 5'4 height might want to take caution. The description on the website called this an a-line skirt, but it appears straight up and down to me. I had to size down in this one and it fit pretty well minus a tad bit of snugness in the hips, so I would say this is tts. If you do find yourself liking this little number, be forewarned that the print is designed so that all of the anchors aren't a solid white color. The blue "bleeds" onto some of the white. I suppose that gives it a vintage vibe which I didn't mind too much, but I know that might bother others.

Angular Eyelet Top in Navy, $62.00, available here
It's a bit hard to truly see the crochet design in this top, but you can definitely tell that it is an open knit. The back is a solid cotton knit similar to any tee, but the front is exposed, so a nude bra is a must. Fit is loose, so you might want to consider sizing down. Overall, a very pretty top, but the crochet lace front tee did this concept better and the colors were more vibrant.

Other than a few sale rack items, that was the extent of what I tried on. Luckily, my wallet behaved....a little and I just walked out with a pretty new pair of ballet flats. I don't know if I'm sick of the summer offerings or what, but the selections out these days just aren't thrilling me.

Is there anything you have your eye on at J.Crew? Are you still enjoying summer shopping or have you had your fill already?


  1. That heart sweater (been dying for one myself) and that anchor print skirt are my favorite!!
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  2. Every time I scrolled down I kept seeing those AMAZING flats! ShoeMint?
    I SO regret not buying those :( Mainly because of the colors. Aldo, as well as SoleSociety have similar style but not in those colors. I'm still wishing and hoping they'll bring them back.

    Yesterday I noticed the Heart sweater at J.Crew, it's adorable!

  3. I have my eye on the Printed Linen tunic. By the way, check your email. I sent you a note.
    From your name twin Angela

  4. Wow, yep, lots of anchors :) I'm not really a fan of anchor prints on me, but I do think they're cute on others!

    I love the drapey tee...the yellow color looks so pretty on you!

  5. Thanks for the detailed reviews! I don't care for anchor or any other critter-type print, but I'm actually kind of glad that there hasn't been much lately to pull me away from my wallet!

  6. I certainly know that feeling. Although I just bought one sale item, I was glad to not be tempted by much. That will probably change when fall items start popping up, lol.

  7. Definitely lots of anchors and that doesn't even include the anchor dress that you tried on.
    I'm a fan of the drapey tee and you have me thinking I need to get it. :)

  8. I can see you in the heart sweater. You should get the peacock colored one!!

    Yep, these are Shoemint shoes. I had to snatch them up when I saw those colors. I hope you find a suitable alternative or that they re-release this one.

  9. I think that sweater is lopsided, too! I was surprised by the placement of the heart.

    I am digging that anchor print skirt and the anchor print dress from the catalog. You know I'm kicking myself for not buying that anchor Equipment blouse last year!

  10. Girl I found the same thing with the heart sweater yesterday. I wanted to love it, but I just couldn't. Glad to know I don't have crooked girls! That sweater was making me paranoid!

    Love your style!

  11. I LOVE that yellow tee on you, simple but perfect, I hope you'll get it. Also, I thought that anchor tee was very blah on me but I love it on you!

  12. Great reviews and photos. I thought the heart tippi looked fab on you but I am busty as well and I know it didn't work on me either so totally understand if it doesn't translate to real life. I've had my fill with summer, it's been rainy everywhere I've been for the past month so I am buying cashmere in preparation for fall. Sad but true.

  13. Thanks for the reviews. You are right, there are so many anchors at JCrew this season is crazy. I did get the silk scoopneck nave top, I couldn't resist it at the sale price.


  15. lmao at the lopsided heart!!!! i don't know why they made it like that, but i still think it's super cute. i'm trying to steer clear of cutesy stuff, otherwise i'd prob get it. they have a pair of animal print shorts i'm eyeing and a hot pink chunky sweater...

  16. that anchor skirt is too cute


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