Wednesday, August 1, 2012

OOTD-Flower Power Activated

During a recent trip to Kohl's, I was on a mission to find a t-shirt. I have a million and one tees in my closet, but lack the very basics like a simple white or simple black version. Well, a peek through the racks turned up a pair of jeans that I was more than happy to take home with me. I tried on the designer pair that inspired these way back in February (Citizens of Humanity), but didn't buy them because I can be a real cheapo when it comes to paying for designer jeans. I mean seriously, I remember when $60-75 was a big deal back in high school. And although I feel a million years behind the trend, I was really happy to have these babies spice up my denim selection. And I'm going to rock these jeans like it was the 11th grade again and I bought myself a pair of fancy designer jeans for the first time. Ah, memories!! 

What is something from your youth that you just had to have and was so excited when you went out to actually buy it?

Outfit Details:
Seafoam top- Forever 21 (alternative here)
Flower jeans- LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's (available here, similar here, light color designer version here on sale)
Belt, chain necklace, pink bracelet, signet ring and pink ballet flats- J.Crew (signet ring alternative here) (similar ballet flats here, darker alternative here)
Tan croc embossed handbag-Rebecca Minkoff MAM (textured alternative here)


  1. OMG! I love this look on you! I don't have a Khol's close to me, so I never get to go, but this isn't the first time I've seen a blogger wear something really cute from LC for Khols. I really love those pants and the pink shoes are so great with them!

  2. FabulousFloridaMommyAugust 1, 2012 at 9:42 AM

    What a great score, and I love this look on you! :)

  3. YES to those pants. LOVE THEM!!



  4. Those floral pants are great! Love the look.

  5. What a great find, and from LC no less! I came close to biting on the floral denim trend, but nothing yet....

  6. Love, love, love this outfit on you!

  7. phiphi @ phiphisblog.comAugust 1, 2012 at 10:00 PM

    such a fun look!! thumbs up!!!

  8. Those jeans are a dead ringer for the CoH pair. I remember when you tried them on earlier this year. Good things come to those who wait!

    I am still thinking about that white grapefruit gelato. SO GOOD!

  9. I went to khol's. Turn's out there is one by my work. Major damage during some downtime. No bueno.

  10. What do you mean, no bueno!!?? They have some pretty nice stuff and always have sales. Glad you were able to find some new stuff. :)

  11. Yes, that was a loooong wait, but I love that these jeans are softer and much nicer on my wallet.
    OMG, the grapefruit was my favorite. Perfectly refreshing.

  12. Super cute jeans! I'm behind on the printed denim trend myself, but I have a $10 Kohl's gift card that I need to use today, so I know where I'll be headed!


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