Thursday, January 17, 2013

Notes from the Dressing Room-Feeling the Gap

Lately, I've found myself a little unenamoured with the offerings of my favorite store that rhymes with G Stew. Madewell has been getting way too much of my money and Gap has piqued my interest whenever I view their website. I took a looky-loo in the store and even found myself in the dressing room. Here are a few reviews:

 1969 Western Polka Dot Dress, $69.95, available here

Lots of retailers have been throwing polka dots on jeans and chambray shirts these days, so it was only a matter of time before they migrated to other articles of clothing. I would love a polka dot chambray top, but don't feel like I need it, so the idea of this dress was intriguing. My size wasn't available, so I had to size up. There was way too much bagginess in this size so I would say this fits tts. This was a nice casual dress that can be thrown on anytime, the cotton felt comfy. The sleeves would look great rolled up or down, there were no button gaps going on, the length was great (not too long and dowdy and not inappropriately short, I'm 5'4 by the way) and the two chest pockets do a great job of blending in. The only thing that I could really complain about is the string belt which added nothing to this dress. I think something more substantial would work better at creating a nice shape. I'm still debating if I have a need for such a dress although I think it would be perfect for casual Friday at the office when I don't feel like wearing jeans. Thumbs up on this one!


Embellished Dolman-Sleeve T, $34.95, available here

So I was browsing through Net-a-Porter yesterday and came across this tee. I thought the jeweled neckline was fabulous, but there is no way in hell I would pay $500 for a tee. Okay, maybe if I was super filthy rich, but that's just craziness for what it is and I immediately thought this Gap tee gets the job done just as well at a fraction of the cost of the fancy one. The website made the jewels look pastel-y, but this was a more vibrant (slightly neon) pink in person. I'm not 100% sure why the description says it is dolman sleeve because I didn't find anything different about the sleeve on this compared to any other t-shirt. The weight on this is a bit on the thin size, but I wouldn't consider it tissue thin. I sized down in this and it fit great, not loose or tight, just right in the middle. I thought this was really cute and would have considered it, if I didn't already have a nice pile of tees at home.


Marbled Jacquard Jacket in Diva Pink, $69.95, available here

This cardigan reads more tweed-ish looking rather than jacquard. Who names these products? There's nothing cuter than a cardi with a retro feel but still modern enough to not make it look old. This looks like something I imagine Jackie O. might have thrown on in her times. The color is nice although it appeared more red than pink to me, the white trim was nicely done, the feel is soft and cozy and it has adorable (if incredibly shallow) pockets. Unfortunately, the button closure ruined the look for me. There was gaping (and I was just wearing it by itself, no extra layer) not only from a side view perspective but also in the front. Those buttons didn't want to lay flat at all. Sizing up would have been too big and sizing down didn't seem to be a good option for that issue. Perhaps it would have work best on a smaller chest. Overall, very cute, just not for me. Fit is tts.

1969 Dot Legging Skimmer Jeans, $69.95, available here

Dots, dots and more dots! I noticed that J.Crew came out with a chambray shirt with an open/abstract polka dot print and these jeans have the same pattern. I have one pair of Gap jeans from a million years ago that I picked up at Marshall's and other than that, I have not tried on any of their jeans. With all of the new (and super cute) patterns and colors that they have been rolling out, I figured it was time that I give them a try. I have to say, I am now a fan. These were soft, I thought they looked flattering on my shape and the length was just right for almost any shoe whether I went flat or heel. I'm fairly certain that I tried on my regular size in this as I forgot to capture the tag. I would probably go for that size although I would be concerned about these stretching out. I didn't snag these up because I have a ridiculous amount of jeans already, but I don't have too many prints. I will probably get one pair soon, just have to pick a pattern.

So I was only there to browse, but now I have some things on my wishlist (including these leopard shoes that you can see in some of the pics). Gap always have great sales, so something tells me, I might be adding a few things to my closet.

Anything catch your eye lately? Have you tried Gap denim before? Would you recommend?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

OOTD- Branded

This outfit makes me feel like a brand ambassador for Madewell and you know what, I don't mind one bit! Each component of this outfit makes up a few of my wardrobe favorites (some old and some new purchased during the crazy sales of December). This beyond cozy sweater (that I would wear every day if it wouldn't be weird or potentially a little stinky, lol), these pants that feel like jammies and my cute new red shoes with a little something going on in the back were perfect to throw on and head out for a little me time at the nail salon. Tamed nails and some sparkle made the day complete!

Madewell is offering an extra 30% off sale items today with code LOVEIT

Outfit Details:
Sweater-Madewell (available here on sale)
Polka dot Pants- old Madewell (similar here, here and here)
Red shoes- Madewell (available here on sale)
Black studded handbag- Rebecca Minkoff (similar and smaller size here and here on sale, same size as mine in a different color here)
Jeweled beanie- J.Crew (similar here and here)
Chain necklace- old Target

Monday, January 7, 2013

Notes from the Dressing Room-Pattern Up at Madewell

After all of this holiday shopping it was time to pay the piper aka Nordstrom, so I had to take a little trip to the mall. It felt great not to walk around feeling crushed by the crowds and to not have to hunt for a parking space. While I was there, I peeked in a few other stores and Madewell made the cut. Lots of new arrivals in store and I tried on a few. Here are some reviews:

Starry Sweater in Heather Grey, $88.00, available here

This wasn't initially a piece that sparked my interest when I viewed it online, but given my recent propensity for patterns and especially patterns on sweaters, I thought why the heck not and try it on. My overall impressions are that it's cute, it felt comfortable and it was soft although not ultra soft as it is just a regular cotton sweater. I tried this on in my normal alpha size (L) and there was a bit of room towards the bottom. I don't think I would size down though as the arms might be tighter and it would leave less room in the bust area. This sweater has a low v-neck with a hint of cleavage showing, but not enough to be totally indecent. A simple cami or tank underneath would take care of that for more modesty. Overall, it is a really cute sweater, but when I just looked at the pics I uploaded, I noticed that the stars on the top front part are in a spot I'm not sure I want people's eye gravitating towards, lol. Like it, but not for $88.00.

Silk Rose Print Boyshirt, $118.00, available here

Button-down shirts aren't usually my friend, but this print was interesting. Plus, it reminded me of something I might have owned in high school. I can't say if that is necessarily a good thing because my style certainly has come a long way since then. Anyway, this silky top has some great things going for it. First, no button gaping!!! That's always an exciting thing for me because that's usually why I don't bother with button-downs. Although the fit is loose (it is a boyshirt after all), there is still some shape to it with the curved seam at the waistline. I feel like the print is borderline too overwhelming, but I could throw it on under a blazer and call it a day. There are hints of lavender and light green in this top, so I think it could work well with lots of different colored bottoms. Fit is tts to slightly big, if you are in between or have a smaller bust, you might be able to get away with sizing down should you want a more fitted look. Nice blouse and nice fit, but the pattern is something you either like or don't like.

Monochrome Shiftdress in Melodic Purple, $138.00, available here

That bit of purple peaking out from the flower blouse above is this pretty colored a-line dress. Purple is usually one of those colors I make a beeline for if I see it on a rack in the store; combined with the shape of this dress, I had to check it out at least. I love the color, I like that the shape isn't fitted but not totally shapeless, the non-sleeve makes this perfectly versatile for all seasons (throw a silky blouse over or underneath, a sweater, cardi or blazer to make it work for fall/winter). Oh, and it has a little slit pocket on the sides. Such a cute dress, although it is borderline on the too short side for me, plus I need to get on the Michelle Obama arm regimen before I bare mine in this dress. Thumbs up on this lady here. Fit is tts and it also comes in black.

Printed Linen Tee, $59.50, available here

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I love a Madewell tee. They never fail to entice me with a pretty color, comfy fit or interesting wash/pattern. I spotted this top and instantly thought it looked like confetti. Confetti equals party which equals fun, so I was totally on board. I didn't realize it at the time, but this is a linen tee which explains why it didn't feel very soft. It wasn't scratchy, but definitely not the feel of good ole' cotton. The fit is about tts, it isn't clingy in my regular tee size (L), but not baggy either. It has bracelet sleeves which are not my favorite, but it seems to work for this top. I'm not sure why they decided to make a linen tee during a winter roll out, but this would be great for layering now and wearing by itself when the weather is much warmer. I loved all of the colors in this top so much that I was prepared to take it to the register and buy it, but then I looked at the price tag. I had a price in mind that I would be willing to pay and $60 was not it. So sadly it went back on the rack, but I've got my eye on this one because I can see myself wearing it. Let's hope the fashion gods are good to me and bring the price down.

 Skinny Skinny Pants in Switchdot, $125.00, available here

These are definitely interesting. They look like jeans, but they are listed as pants, plus they don't feel like regular jeans and have a texture to them. I like the pattern on these pants, dots and lines that I are designed to make me look taller than I am, I'll take it! Most of the denim (or pants for that matter) with a pattern on it these days have the pattern printed onto it, but you can actually feel the dots in these pants. Now, these aren't super comfy and soft like denim, but they have the stretch of denim which makes them fit well. However, this cotton material reminded me of a dish towel. The cotton is thin and like a dish towel, you can feel the weave of the cotton. Like I said before, these are interesting, I don't know if I've ever tried on something like these. I decided to size up because I'm in between sixes on the bottom and I think that was a good call. The waistband fit without gaping or digging in and I didn't feel like the legs were too tight. The length came down to my ankle and didn't seem like high-waters, so that was a plus (because that is usually the case with anything ankle length at J.Crew). And it came right underneath my belly button, so the waist was in a great spot to hold everything in where it is supposed to be. I give these a thumbs up.

Have you been to the mall since all of the holiday madness? Any new arrivals that have caught your eye?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Ringing In the New

Happy New Year!! I want to take the time to thank all of you guys who read this here blog and keep me going. The beginning of a new year is certainly a time of excitement and anticipation for what's to come and I certainly can't wait to see all of what's in store. I know it will definitely include color, prints, fun bags and dressing room pics.

Do you have a list of resolutions for 2013?

Friday, December 28, 2012

OOTD-Stay Cozy

Hi guys!!! So glad to finally see Friday although with snow in the forecast and a house to clean up after the holidays, I'm not so sure I should go home after work. Maybe I'll make a detour to the airport and hop on a plane someplace tropical. I like that idea much better than thinking about cleaning. :)

Since the weather around this part of the east coast has finally started reaching temperatures that resemble winter, I've been craving sweaters. Now sure I have plenty of sweaters already in my arsenal that I could throw on including a few cashmere ones, but I've had my mind set on something that goes beyond the standard Crayola crayon box of colors. This little striped number from Forever 21 certainly hit the spot with some visual interest plus color and I had to get it right away. And right after I bought this sweater, I bought this one from Madewell. I'm in sweater heaven right now and it feels so cozy!

What's your favorite stay warm and cozy item? Scarf, fuzzy socks, faux fur earmuffs?

Outfit Details:
Stripe sweater- Forever 21 (available here and also comes in a red version)
Metallic skirt- consignment find Ann Taylor (similar here and here on sale)
Otk boots- old LOFT (similar vibe here on sale, similar here and here
Blue/brown handbag- old Rebecca Minkoff MAC
Green lionhead bracelet- Fallon
Spike bracelet- BaubleBar (out of stock but there is a waitlist here, similar here and here)
Leopard watch- Timex (similar here and here)



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