Wednesday, May 30, 2012

OOTD- Open the Vent

What does one wear when it's 90+ degrees outside? Well, if you're me (and a little crazy pants), that would be a long-sleeved tee. It's a good thing that this tee came with a vent! As you can tell, the weather has certainly heated up around these parts and my first order of business was to break out those shorts. Now, that winter has melted away and my former dreams of strutting outside in cute shorts can finally happen, I'm going to take full advantage. My second order of business was to figure out a good 'do to keep me (and my neck) from turning into a melted puddle of sweaty mess. I accomplished both of my weekend goals and am counting down the days when I can put those two plans in repeat.

Do you have any fun hairstyles that are summer perfect? Please share!
Outfit Details:
Tan tee and sunglasses- Stylemint (tee with an interesting back here and here, similar top in a tank version here)
Pink shorts and necklace- Forever 21 (similar shorts here, denim version here, drapey version here)
Striped handbag- Rebecca Minkoff (similar here on sale in blue/white stripes, here in red/white stripes, similar here in a smaller size, similar here in a dressier version)
Tan sandals- Sam Edelman (available here)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

OOTD-A Final Hoorah!

My pink dress met an untimely death by washing machine and so this post is an ode to our last time out together. I found this little number at the thrift store a few years ago and I have to say it is one of the extremely few times that I've spotted a dress that didn't require a ridiculous amount of alterations to make it look even one iota as if it wasn't straight from (waaaaaay) back in the day. Most times it's just a sea of hideous floral prints, lengths down to the ankles, shoulder pads coupled with double-breasted closures; so to see this solid print number that needed a few tweaks with POCKETS and I was sold.

On our last outing, I decided to add just a hint of edge with the black accessories and best of all, my Target score. So, do you remember the whole Jason Wu for Target release? I was at the store bright and early and it was crowded. I only walked out with a dress that I ended up returning and while I was at the store returning it, I spotted this very bag on the rack and bought it. And then I had buyer's remorse and returned that too. It must have been fate when I spotted this during a recent visit sitting all by its lonesome on the shelf. I almost left without buying it, but when the cashier told me it was $15, how could I not take it? I can now put this one in the category of it didn't get away and is now mine. Life is good when that happens.

What's something from your closet that you had to let go of and it made you pretty sad?

Outfit Details:
Magenta dress- thrifted (similar here in petite sizes and on sale, a softer pink without sleeves option available here)
Square crystal necklace- Baublebar
Black belt- J.Crew
Black wedges- Chinese Laundry "Dantie" (available in taupe here limited sizes available, black in limited sizes available here)
Cream/black handbag- Jason Wu for Target (cute alternative here and here)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Notes from the Dressing Room- Peeking in at J. Crew

I had no intention of going to the mall this weekend, but somehow my car steered me towards it anyway. I looked through the Anthropologie sale, spied some new arrivals at J. Crew, grabbed some lunch and left. That might be the quickest mall visit ever. Here are just a small sampling of new items that showed up at the Crew recently:

Plaid Boucle Tweed Jacket, $268, available here

The bright colors of this jacket popped out at me on the rack and I just had to try it on. Plus, I can never resist a tweed. Now, this blazer has a classic cut, is pretty well made, has fun colors and for once the sleeves are actually long (as opposed to the ever popular bracelet length they usually love for this type of blazer). It has a poly lining throughout and the length comes to the waist. I tried this on a size up and it was relatively fitted in the body, but the sleeves were a bit baggy, so I would say this is tts unless you are broader or bustier on top. The neon might be a bit dated come next year, but if you are lover of bright colors that shouldn't matter. Overall, I would give it a thumbs up, but it isn't for me because the cropped length does not work well for my body type and the price is a bit up there.

Cafe Capri in Silk Foulard, $228, available here

I've been on a mission to add more printed pants in my wardrobe since the infatuation started with my polka dot pants (check them out here), so when I saw these in the new arrivals, I was instantly intrigued. J.Crew has done this print in a cotton capri (on sale here), but the silk pair just seems a bit classier/dressier. The print is great, the colors in the pattern could make this work well into the fall, plus it has a classic and simple fit. Now, the silk on this isn't the silkier kind of silk but more of a raw silk so it has some roughness to it (but not in an itchy way). I'm sure that's to help it not get so wrinkly. Fit is tts. Overall, I really like these, but don't feel comfortable spending so much on a pair of pants that can't be worn year-round. Plus, the fit in the bum area wasn't ideal for me, but only because I would want a more fitted silhouette.

Lace Placket Tee in Cerise, $52, available here
 Linen Short in Safari Cat, $65, available here

Oh, how I wanted to love this top. Just look at that bright color and it has wonderful texture going on in the front. It has a bracelet length sleeve, the body isn't boxy or clingy, and the split-top opening shows just enough skin. However, despite the many pluses, I couldn't get over the fit in the shoulder area. There was a ridiculous amount of bunching going on that made it feel off and fussy. I should have tried it on in a different size to see if that would help, but I didn't. I did see another blogger's review of the same top and she seemed to have the same problem though. I just might have bought this if that wasn't a problem, but I had a feeling I wouldn't stop messing with the sleeve if I wore it. Sigh, let's hope it works for others because it is really nice. Fit is tts to slight big.

Now, I've tried on the safari cat print in the cafe capris and I loved them (see post here), so these shorts are pretty much the same with a touch less fabric. It's a nice, hefty linen, but not really scratchy, the shape is not clingy and you can't go wrong with that print. It's subdued enough to work with so many colors. I can only assume the fit is tts like the cafe capri because I don't have on my true size in this pic. This is a really cute short and my only complaint would be it should have about an inch more fabric to it. I'll have to pass on this one because I'm hoping to get the factory version of the capris, but this would make a great addition to other's short collection.
That's just a small selection of some items I tried on. There was one other very unfortunate top that was a misfire on all accounts and an interesting tank that I might consider buying, but my wallet was on its best behavior that day.

Is there anything in the new arrivals that you are interested in buying or have bought?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Breaking Out the Sandals

I mentioned how much I was in love with my new sandals in my last post. And if you haven't already, you should run and get yourself a pair!

Sam Edelman Trina, $100, available here in three colors

But if those aren't your style, there are plenty of other cute sandals out there that are sure to keep you looking stylish throughout the season. Let's take a peek:

DV by Dolce Vita Archer, $69, available here in so many color options
A touch of gold in a different way

Madewell Holepunch Flat Sandal, $88, available here in three colors
I love Madewell shoes and these are too adorable

Bonnibel Elmo Camel Platform Wedge Sandal, $27, available here and here in black
A simple design with a bit of lift and you can't beat that price

Cynthia Vincent Jude, $198, available here
If you tend to keep your outfits simple, this is a great option to add some interest and color

Rebecca Minkoff Baha, $165, available here
So on trend with the neon and ankle tie

DV by Dolce Vita Jude, $68, available here in red and cognac
I tried these on over the weekend and they are really comfy. I would have bought them if my size was available

Seychelles Lily, on sale for $83, available here in mulitple colors
For those that might want a closed-toe option

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

OOTD- A Touch of Gold

I want the weekend back!! All I crave these days are outfits with shorts and sandals and work is putting a serious dapper (along with the rain) on that plan. Oh well, I guess I better enjoy what I do get, like this past weekend when my honey and I spent some much needed time in the sun. And I got to wear my new favorite dress and sandals. I can't tell you how much I'm in love with my new sandals. So simple in design, but works with almost anything, they are beyond comfortable and check out that shiny heel. They are the perfect new addition to my closet and makes me so excited for summer to get here. Summer, where are you? I have popsicles to eat and drives to take with the sunroof open!

Have you ever been so enamored with a new purchase that you wanted to write a love letter to it? No, it's just me then? :)

Outfit Details:
Striped dress- Madewell (available here)
Brown woven belt- consignment find (similar here, here, interesting version here)
Blue/brown handbag- Rebecca Minkoff "MAC" (plain blue version here, white with brown trim version here)
Gold heel sandals- Sam Edelman "Trina" (available here in two shades of tan and here in black)
Sunglasses- StyleMint "Rodeo"- (available here)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

OOTD-Sitting, Standing, Waiting

I had to take a business trip last week that required a train ride, transfer with a waiting period, and then another train ride, so an outfit that was nothing but comfort was top priority. Now, I haven't achieved the level of travel chic that Victoria Beckham has strutting through the airport in 6-inch boots and a fitted dress, but I'm no slob either (although next to her, I'm sure everyone else would look that way). I had to work during the day, so with all of that time sitting, it was important that I arrive as wrinkle-free and fresh looking as possible. Cotton and polyester were the name of the game and I couldn't leave out color. No need being flammable and boring, j/k. By the time I reached my destination (Atlantic City, by the way), I was easily ready to drop my bags off in the hotel room and head right out to meet and greet (or eat and gamble, as the case might have been).

I don't travel as often as I'd like, but cottons and knits have always been first in line for staying comfortable during long periods. And don't forget shoes that are easy to slip on/off and to walk in, some kind of coat/jacket/scarf in case the air is blasting on arctic, and don't forget the trashy magazines (or intellectual reading if that's your thing).

What do you usually wear when taking trips?

Outfit Details:
Cardigan, tee and belt- Madewell (similar tee in other colors here) (belt on sale here)
Magenta pants- ASOS (same pant with slimmer leg line here and dressier version here, similar color in a denim here and get 30% off with code MAY30)
Tan strappy sandals- LOFT (available here  in black, other colors are available in limited sizes)
Blue handbag- Zara (available here)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Notes from the Dressing Room- An Assortment at J.Crew

I had some mall time this past weekend, so you know where I ended up. J.Crew, of course!! The store was filled with many new goodies in lots of fun colors, but it was ridiculously crowded so I only had time for a speedy try-on session. Check out a small selection of what's on the rack these days:

Cashmere Boyfriend Sweater, $248.00, available here
Anchors Aweigh Pant, $158.00, available here

I have to confess that I just grabbed a basic color top to try on with these pants and this top was it. It was so unbelievable cozy and soft which would be great if it was the dead of winter, but as a spring/summer piece, it is not appropriate (I would melt into a puddle of sweat if I dared to wear it outside). In addition to being soft, the v-neck was a good amount of skin showing without being too much. It has a bit of a boxy, oversized shape, but it is the perfect piece to just throw on and go. If I was in the market for a cashmere sweater, I would definitely keep my eye on this number, but that's many months away that I would even want to think about a sweater. I tried this on a size smaller than I normally do and I honestly think I could have went another size down, my only concern might be whether the sleeves would be tighter.

Okay, I posted my pajama pants from Madewell recently (see post here) and these are pretty much the same pants, so I love them. It has a loose, silky feel with the cutest anchor print, a tie waistband and pockets. It would be like putting on a pair of lounge pants, but a bit more "dressed up" in a way. I sized down and it felt good. It skimmed without being baggy or unflattering. My other jammie pants are so similar which is why I haven't pulled the trigger on these, but I'm seriously putting them on my sale watch list.

Tee not available online (Style #83104) in Neon Pink, $39.50, similar style here
Cafe Capri in Safari Cat, $118.00, available here

Oh, I wished this top was online because it was my favorite. It has a low scoop neckline, elbow-length sleeves and a nice pop of color. It also came in another colorway with a mint green background with a neon melon stripe. I'm not all striped out with my wardrobe yet and although I don't need anymore tees, I will definitely be thinking about getting this one. Fit is tts.

J.Crew sneaked these pants onto the website last week and I just had to check them out. Leopard is the new black and I need as much of it in my closet. :) These cafe capris are similar to all the other ones, but they are made of thick linen. I normally shy away from the wrinkle monster fabric that is linen, but these feel substantial and like they would hold their shape well. Plus, the print would definitely help to hide major wrinkles. I sized down from my normal pant size in these, which I normally do with the cafe capris and they felt good; not too loose or tight. I know prints (especially on the bottom) aren't for everyone, but I thought these were well made. Thumbs up and on my watch list.

Collection Pleated Blouson Dress in Wild Peony, $350.00, available here

Oh, pretty pink dress, how I had such high hopes for you. Soft pleating and a pretty color, I was sure this would be a winner, but there were too many minuses going on with it. The top part is a bit boxy, so you might run the risk of looking like a line backer like I do. I tried this on in a size up because my regular size wasn't on the rack and the waist was tight. Sizing might be tricky depending on your body shape, so my thought is to size up. It falls right below the knee and has pleating in both the front and back. It is a lovely dress, but for the price and its fit, I don't think it is worth buying. I know this would be a great dress for someone out there, just not me. Too bad because the color is gorgeous!

That's all the reviews for now. Have you checked out the newest arrivals at J.Crew? Is there something you have your eye on?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

OOTD- From Day to Night

I purchased this black dress from H and M several months ago for several reasons: A.) my closet has a serious lack of black dresses especially for work or dressy occasions, B.) it had a really great shape and C.) how could I beat getting a classy looking dress for only $35? Now this dress is cleave-tastic as you can see from the first picture when I wore it out to a dance performance and that definitely wasn't going to fly in a business setting. What's a girl to do to get more wear out of a simple dress??? I added a silk shirt with some pizazz and I loved the outcome. Button-up shirts usually read boring to me, but the sheerness and pattern of this particular number, kept this shirt on the side of right. An office scandal avoided!

Have you ever transformed a dressier piece in your closet to something work appropriate? What did you do to make that happen?

Outfit Details:
Black dress- H&M (similar here, nice alternative on sale here)
Striped blouse- Equipment (available here, similar here, similar here and cute alternative with a tie here in multiple colors)
Black pumps- (similar here, similar here and real deal designer version here)
Black shield necklace- Forever 21
Tan handbag- Rebecca Minkoff "MAM" (similar here, alternative here)

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