Sunday, January 30, 2011

Notes From the Dressing Room-Simple and Soft at J. Crew

I swear one of these days, I'm going to review clothing at other stores, but I was so excited about the new arrivals at J. Crew last week, that I had to check them out.

Silk Blythe blouse in alabaster, $98, available here
Lace skirt not online, Style #31326 Color code SCH, $110

Since Equipment silk blouses have been so popular and featured on tons of celebs, many retailers have come up with their own version. J. Crew's version is very similar with a much easier to swallow price point. This would be a perfect piece to pair under a blazer or cardi for work and would go just as nicely with a pair of jeans on the weekend. I tried this on in my regular size and although it fit fine there was just a bit of snugness around the shoulders and a button gaping; however it should be noted that I have broad shoulders and some boobies. A silk blouse would be the perfect piece in my wardrobe, but I would prefer one without the big pockets. I feel like they are a design feature to highlight a place you don't need people's eye drawn to
I was pretty certain this skirt was the lace dobby, but it is all lace and not cotton. I thought this was a very pretty number and definitely liked that the tiers laid flat. It is a mix of purple and grey color with an elastic waistband. I tried this on in my normal size and it fit fine. My only issue is the length which makes it borderline too short for work.

Maritime-Striped Blazer in Dragonfly Blue, $118, available here 
This seems to be a popular blazer on the JCA blog and I definitely liked it too. This is a soft cotton blazer that would be perfect for spring, it was a good length and still had shape. It only loses points for the long sleeve length and that price tag. Cotton blazers should not cost over $100!!! Stripes are still the in thing and I can see LOFT making something similar and I stepped into Forever 21 yesterday and spyed a look-a-like for about $23.

Dress not on website in Pop Pink, Style#38762, $128

I'm a big lover of pink and this bright number was sitting right near the door so I immediately picked it up to try on. Although I adore the color and pockets, I wasn't too thrilled with the shape. It felt a bit too cutesy with the cap sleeves and waist band detail, although I know that will work for some. It does have a nice deep v detail in the back and a long exposed zipper.

Waverly Chino in Midnight, $69.50, available here 
Metallic detail tee not on website, Color Ivory (IVO), $39.50

I have a million tees to last for awhile, but thought that this one would be a nice little addition. There is a simple shimmery silver trim around the neckline and the pocket and I can see it with a multitude of outfits. I paired the tee with the Waverly Chino that was a simple item that could be a workhorse in anyone's closet.

Organza Dots skirt in Seaweed, $110, available here

I'm all about trying something different and the print and color of this skirt certainly doesn't look like anything else in my closet. Although I would prefer a richer shade of green, this is a perfect spring color. The fit, however, left a lot to be desired. I tried this on in my normal size and if you look on the side there is some stiff puffing action going on. I don't know if this skirt was folded, but the front had the same issue. When I tried it on a size down, the poofing was less pronounced, but still present. It gets a thumbs up on the design, but a big thumbs down on the fit.

Sailor Sweater in Black Linen, $88, available here
Riveter Pant in Rose Shadow , $85, available here

I was really intrigued by these pants when I saw them on the website. They had some seaming detail down the front and a soft pink color, but those weren't enough to give it a complete thumbs up. These seem to be a step up from jeans and I feel like another pair of chinos would be a better purchase.
If there are stripes in the store, I am usually drawn to them. This would be a perfect sweater for a warmer day, that is if it weren't so darn itchy. This is a silk-linen blend and the silk wasn't enough to disguise the tell-tale signs of linen's itch factor.


Slouchy Knit Twill Pant in Spiced Olive, $68, available here

Pants that are soft like a pair of sweats but aren't are usually a plus. But pants that show the pockets and all of your lumps are a serious minus. These pants do have their good qualities, soft with features of a regular pair of pants. Size down in these for a less baggy fit.
I find myself a lot more interested in the jewelry this rollout, but I'm sure I'll be buying something soon in one of those softer colors.
Are these colors appealing to you or do you prefer brighter spring colors?

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm Walking On Sunshine??

"I'm at lunch mother and why are you calling to tease that you're leaving work early?"

Confession...there was no sunshine yesterday, so instead I was walking on water, slush and snow. Mother Nature decided to send a snowstorm our way and although I would normally be cursing the fact that the weather sucks, I took the opportunity to enjoy wearing my new boots and umbrella. Being able to stomp through puddles and seeing doggies during my ventures outside in the treacherous weather made it ten times better.

I felt like I was wearing fifty million colors in my outfit and I don't know what the deal is but instead of reaching for pants to stay warm, I've insisted on reaching for a dress/skirt when the temperature is freezing outside. Is anyone else experiencing AWB (abnormal wardrobe behavior)?

Outfit Details:
Dress- Tucker for Target (similar vintagey vibe here)
Blue grandpa cardigan- Madewell (similar here)
Brown belt- thrifted
Brown/orange socks- J Crew
Crystal necklace- gift from LOFT
Brown duck boots- Lands End Canvas (available here)
Handbag-Louis Vuitton Speedy
Dog umbrella- dav (available here)

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OOTD-Making It A Bright Day

I was all set to take outfit pictures earlier today when I realized that I forgot my battery at home. Oops! I also planned to wear a new pair of shoes that I picked up from UPS first thing this morning, but wouldn't you know it, they wanted to squeeze my feet into an absolute state of numbness. Interesting considering I tried the exact same size on in the stores a few weeks ago and they fit just fine.

All's well that ends well, since I brightened my day with this sweater. Serious pops of color can be a surefire way to lessen the winter gloom. Unless you live on the west coast, in which case I'm sticking my tongue out at you and whining that you all should learn to share that sunshine and warm weather.

How do you stay cute in the winter when all you want is for spring to arrive?

Note: I want to thank you for your patience during my absence and say that I really appreciate the condolences and lovely comments I received. My aunt is truly missed by us all and although my heart is heavy, I smile thinking of the moments and memories we shared.

Outfit Details:
Orange sweater- J Crew
Cream skirt- J Crew
Patent leather belt- J Crew
Heart necklace- Forever 21 (similar available here)
Mary janes- Steve Madden
Ring- JewelMint (available here)

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pardon the Interruption

Excuse me while I take a bit of a blogging break. My family lost such a special person in my aunt and I need some time to regroup and get to a happier place.
Thanks for your patience!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

OOTD- Saturday Fun


I'm not sure what this face is about

My poor excuse for a Karate Kid pose

Detail shot of my new necklace

I was all set to do an outfit post yesterday when I discovered that my memory card made 200+ pictures go to Disappear Land. You know, the place where random socks, that one earring and a pair of shoes that you can never find like to visit and never return. I curse you stupid memory card because that was a cute outfit!!!

Today's outfit was relatively simple and casual, all the better to showcase my fancy new necklace and have some fun on the playground. I definitely enjoyed myself, but was reminded of how out of shape I am compared to my younger self. One of these days, I'll make it across the monkey bars again! 

Have an awesome, feel like a kid again weekend.

Outfit Details:
Black sweater- thrifted
Green cargo pants- Nordstrom Rack
Black flats- Chloe
Statement necklace- Forever 21 (available here)
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cleaning House of Jewelry Mahem

I can't believe I'm even going to display this for everyone to see, but exhibit A: the madness going on with my jewelry.

Before: Behold a mess of jewelry, make-up, perfume bottles and just a whole lot of stuff

In my defense, I've had this tall Ikea dresser for a million years (high school if not before) and the surface area is definitely lacking. Over the years, I've accumulated way more jewelry and watches and although I've tried to find multiple ways to store everything (a rack, a t-bar, a ring holder, trays), you can very well see that things didn't stay contained.

After: Everything has a space
A bigger t-bar

Rings in their slots

A little nook for earrings (this is an ice cube tray!)

A platform for some bracelets to hang out

As you can see, I still have a lot of items and might outgrow a few things unless I do a massive clean out. But it is nice for things to be organized and it will definitely work until I can get myself a nice, larger dresser; preferably like this one:

The Parker Palm Springs
My dream dresser that I'm sure is vintage and was purchased at some obscure place for a ridiculous amount of money.

Note: All items were purchase at
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OOTD-Palms of Wine

Practicing my mugshot face (not that I'll need to use it, of course). I haven't quite perfected the Lindsay Lohan smirk face though.

I've always loved how Target has designer collaborations. Although it would be a dream to have a closet filled with some Anna Sui, Jean Paul Gaultier, Loeffler Randall and Botkier, those just aren't in the cards for this working gal. So every few months a year, I get to have a tiny slice of designer fashion at a price that is a little bit easier to swallow and I've been introduced to some wonderful designers (Rogan, Tracy Feith). Granted it is not on the same level as going into Neiman Marcus for the real deal, but I still like the concept and some of the designs. You'll hear no complaining from this equal opportunity shopper!

I found this Proenza Schouler for Target cardigan at a consignment shop over a year ago and it has been one of my favorite pieces so much that I wished I had taken a serious look at the line when it came out in the stores. It has an interesting print of one of my favorite things (palm trees), plus the fabric feels substantial and not at all like it would disintegrate in the wash anytime soon. I used a hint of inspiration from Lucky magazine and decided to pair this with another new favorite, this wine skirt from Forever 21. I have a million outfit ideas for it and this is just one. I'll try not to get you guys sick of this skirt by wearing it every other day like I really want. And, your welcome. :)

Are you a fan of the Target designer collaborations? If so, what has been your favorite line to date?

Outfit Details:
White petal blouse-Forever 21
Gray/Blue cardigan- Proenza Schouler for Target
Burgundy wool skirt- Forever 21
Gray wedges-
Burgundy tights-Hue

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Monday, January 10, 2011

OOTD-Chaplin's Tap Dance in Pink

The bf likes to call me Charlie Chaplin when I wear this hat.

I've had this outfit drawn in my Styleit (see post here) for quite some time now and despite the frigid temperatures going on, I couldn't wait to wear it. Tweed and pink are a winning combination in my book. Now if I could only find it in a Chanel blazer that will not cost me 4 figures, I'll be a happy woman. I'm not holding my breath on that one though.

What is one ultimate item you would love to have in your closet, but doubt will ever be there unless you win the lottery?

Outfit Details:
Pink turtleneck sweater- La Redoute
Tweed shorts- Rebecca Taylor (similar style in limited sizes but great price here)
Black fedora- Forever 21
Black buckle boots- Dolce Vita for Target (on sale here)
Mixed metal necklace- Target
Bracelet and watch- Target and Accessores & Beyond (available here)
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Friday, January 7, 2011

OOTD-Greys On A Sunny Day

Can a leather skirt be work approriate? Sometimes I ponder the question of appropriateness when I want to wear something that's in my closet normally relegated to the weekend-only pile. I'm certain my one pair of sweats will remain there and that one ruffled skirt that might have been a smidge too short, but I have to rebel every now and then and wear what I feel like wearing. I'm so bad, lol. My toe is right on the line, but I'll be keeping it on the right side.

Leather skirts in flirty shapes were the thing this season and I have to say I fell in love. The ultimate for me was a Diane von Furstenberg number seen here, but the price tag was way more than my budget would ever allowed. You tease, Diane!! After a mad hunt for a suitable substitute, I found none, but eventually saw this little gray number at H&M. A nice shape and price tag made it a winner although the non-leather aspect wasn't as great. No worries for me though, since I still think it's cute and makes me feel like a softer, more feminine version of a some kind biker chick ready to break the workplace dress code. Or so I like to pretend.

Do you think a leather skirt could work in a business-casual office?

Outfit Details:
Sheer leopard tank- Forever 21
Blue corduroy blazer- Lilly Pulitzer
Gray faux leather skirt- H&M
Blue tights- Milly for Hue
Blue patent shoes- Pour La Victoire
Gray handbag- Botkier

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