Monday, April 30, 2012

OOTD- Jammie Pants

My mother extended an invitation to a brunch buffet yesterday morning and I immediately thought this calls for being comfortable and these pants were the first thing that came to mind. I bought them month's ago at the J. Crew clearance center and this was the first time I wore them and when my honey saw me in them he asked if I was wearing pajama pants. No baby, pajama pants do not have a zipper and button closure!! Now, I was never the girl to walk into class with my pajamas still on in college and the whole pajama outfit trend going on in the fashion world has me saying no thanks, but I must admit, there is one benefit to having loose clothing on.....seconds (okay, maybe thirds) at the buffet table.

How do you feel about the whole pajama trend? Do you ever go out in your pajamas or work-out gear?

Outfit Details:
Gray v-neck top- (old) Forever 21
Polka dot pants- Madewell (similar here and here in limited sizes, similar in a wider leg here, similar here in denim)
Striped canvas bag- Rebecca Minkoff sample (cute alternative here, similar colorful version here, designer version here that I love)
Black wedges- Chinese Laundry "Dantie" (available here in taupe, available here in black, similar here)
Neon pink necklace- Ann Taylor

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

OOTD- All In the Family

I don't know if I should admit this, but I read Teen Vogue despite being out of my teens for about (oh, let's not calculate the real amount) what feels like a million years ago. But I can rarely afford what's in the grown-up version of Vogue, so the teen version offers some things that are a bit more attainable (sometimes) to my paycheck. There was an editorial in it months ago that I still remember to this day and tore out as inspiration of a model wearing an outfit with all shades of purple. Although, I'm not the matchy-matchy type, I got dressed with shades of purple and pink in my mind and created an outfit that I really like. Now, I'm not ready for shoes, bag and make-up to match, but baby steps are sometimes necessary when trying out something new. Hey, I took a step toenails are pink!!! 

Do you still read teen magazines as a bona fide adult? Oh, and since I'm confessing, I still flip through Seventeen magazine too.

Outfit Details:
Gray polka dot cardigan- Old Navy (cute alternative here, chambray alternative here, alternative top version here, cool tee alternative here)
Lilac scoopneck tee and pencil skirt in bright dahlia- J. Crew (similar tee available here) (similar color skirt in  knit jersey here, warmer weather version of skirt in lots of other fun colors here)
Black double-buckle belt- Target (similar belt here)
White handbag- Forever 21 (similar here and designer version here)
Black laced wedges- Chinese Laundry "Dantie" (taupe version in limited sizes on sale here, limited sizes in black here, similar shoe in black available here)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

OOTD-Tiers of Colors

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a dress that had pretty colors and a flowy hemline, but that evil price tag said we would never be friends:

I even tried it on as a possible birthday splurge, but it just wasn't true love when I saw it on my body.

But I couldn't get those tiers of colors out of my mind, so imagine my delight at finding an cute alternative at a fraction of the price:

I'll take it!! Have you ever lusted after something you saw online, but when you got up close and personal with it, discovered that some of the love instantly faded away. Sadly, that was the case with this dress and I was all set to love it because Diane von Furstenburg knows how to make a pretty dress with some wonderful color. Oh well, there will always be other dresses and this new number will keep me plenty happy this season.

What is one thing that you lusted over but never bought either because of price, not fitting your lifestyle or you waited too long to buy and it disappeared?
For me it was the Louis Vuitton Mini Lin. I loved the print and size of the bag, but when I rented it from Bag Borrow or Steal, I just knew it wasn't going to work. It was a black hole that made everything I put into it disappear and there were no side pockets which is a slight deal breaker for me when it comes to handbags.

Outfit Details:
Navy tiered dress- Tinley Road (available here in limited sizes, similar style here)
Gray/beige tribal print blazer- Forever 21 (newer version available here)
White handbag- Forever 21 (similar here, real deal designer version  available here and here in a smaller size)
Tan platforms- Miu Miu
Lion locket- J. Crew (available here)
Lilac belt- J. Crew outlet

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Notes from the Dressing Room-Madewell...Yes, No, Maybe So?

I got an email from Madewell last week that featured a dress that had me instantly intrigued and itching to head out to the store to see it in person. I managed to sneak away to the mall this weekend and Madewell was my first stop. Here are a few reviews:

Lacy Waves Top in Light Nectar, $148, available here
The Boyjean in Saw Duster, $135, available here

This lace top was a thumbs up from me. The color is soft, it has a pretty design and the lace does not feel like it would give away at the first sign of a snag. There is a cotton lining underneath the body of the shirt that will keep you from worrying about what to wear underneath. The lining will have you feeling like you are wearing a tee, but the lacey part is perfect for feeling a bit dress-up while still being comfortable. Fit is tts, although ladies who are a bit smaller on top might be able to get away with sizing down for a more fitted look. Although I love this top, I just bought something that is too similar from J. Crew, so it was a pass for me.

I am several years too late on this trend, but I've been on the hunt for a pair of boyfriend jeans. I saw a denim pair on the website and thought these could possibly be it. Umm, no, they most certainly are not. On the plus size, the denim is soft and it has a comfortable fit. I tried it on one size down from what I normally would wear in jeans; there was a bit of room but not enough that I would go down another size since it doesn't have a lot of stretch. Now I have some lady humps in the back and these jeans gave me a serious case of flat-ass. Totally not cute whatsoever!! I also wasn't crazy about where the hem stopped. I feel like it was border-line high water territory, but if you are the type to roll up the hem, that might not be an issue. Sadly, these were a pass for me. It comes in a few other colors too, including an interesting orangey-taupe shade that I liked. Sigh, the search continues!

Silk Neonsun Shirtdress in Neon Orange, $150.00, available here
If there is anything that Madewell does well, it is dresses (and tees). The color of this dress definitely caught my eye. It's not quite a neon orange or pale orange, but a combination of the two that I can only think to describe as a bright cantaloupe. It has a nice v-neck, floaty sleeves, and some pleating in the back. The elastic waist gives it a bit of shape to keep it from being straight up and down like most shirtdresses. This would totally look cute with a thick belt. I tried this on in my regular size and it fit well with no major issues. This gets a thumbs up for color and feel, but didn't make the cut because I have a Madewell dress that fills the bright color spot already.


Striped Bookplate Dress, $95.00, available here

This is the dress that I saw in an email newsletter. Now I do like stripes, but for me they can be iffy because of my body type, but I thought this might work because of the directions of the stripes at the top. My thought was that the diagonal stripes will counteract the widening effect of the horizontal stripes and I think it did. I tried this on in a size down and it fit perfectly. It skimmed the body without being tight, the cotton was soft and perfect for the upcoming hotter weather, plus the stripes are a bit different from other offerings on the market. The only thing that might be a negative is the length. It falls a bit below my knee, so it isn't a short dress nor a maxi dress. Despite that one nitpick, this got a thumbs up and buy from me. Not only that, there was a lady at the register next to me buying it as well. I can't wait to wear it (with or without a belt). 

Do you have your eye on any new items at Madewell? Where does one go to find a good (bargain) pair of cute boyfriend jeans? Have you overdosed on stripes yet?

Monday, April 16, 2012

OOTD-Wind Swept

Doesn't this dress scream summer?
Henga Shirtdress, available here

I hope you guys had a great weekend. As you can see I got a chance to chill outside in the warm (but extremely windy) weather and tried on some interesting items in the store. So many prints and colors floating around the stores lately and I'm so glad that spring has finally decided to join us in these parts, but I'm not putting all of my winter clothes in storage just yet. I don't fully trust you weather!!

I have continued to give my jeans the cold shoulder on the weekends. And although a knit skirt probably isn't the ideal clothing item to wear while trying to sit on the ground, it was still comfortable. Stretch knit and I will be good friends when the weather heats up for good. I already have a potential new bff in a little something I picked up at Madewell this weekend. Reviews coming soon!

Outfit Details:
Peplum tee- H&M (similar here, cute alternative here, bright striped version here)
Knit skirt- Forever 21 (similar alternative here, bright alternative here)
Lion pendant- J. Crew (available here)
Black wedges- Chinese Laundry "Dantie" (select sizes available here in taupe and here in black; similar style here on sale)
Sunglasses- StyleMint

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What Is In My (Make-Up) Bag?

Today I thought I would give you a sneaky peek into my stuffed make-up bag. I always feel like I should have been an honorary Boy Scout because some of the things I carry definitely encompasses the motto of always be prepared. But I couldn't be a Boy Scout because I'm sure my brother would have killed me if I tried to tag along on their fun adventures (plus I am a girl and all), so we'll just pretend that was a Girl Scout's motto instead.
(Rebecca Minkoff studded case-similar here, cute alternative here, smaller alternative here)

Random essentials:Goody spin pin, comb, hair bands, tweezers, paper soap, hand sanitizer, mirror, Kleenex, cuticle pen, emery board, toothpaste, toothbrush

A ridiculous assortment of lipsticks and glosses

Why do I have so many lip products? I honestly couldn't say for sure, but I'm pretty susceptible to marketing for new beauty products and over the last few years, I've gotten into wearing lipstick and want to try every color under the sun. Here is a closer view of a few in my current selection:

CoverGirl (Spellbound and Divine are two of my favorite colors)
(Buy Spellbound here and Divine here)

A random N.Y.C. color and Tom Ford in Cherry Lush
I went on a serious hunt for the perfect red last year and Cherry Lush was it for me. A true red with no hint of orange. Tom Ford is definitely a splurge, but I would totally buy another color. I mean, how sleek and sophisticated is that tube?
(Buy Cherry Lush here)

MAC, by far, always hits it out of the park with the fun colors and collaborations. Just two of my millions of pink colors and a perfect shade of orange.
(From l-r: Liberty of London in Petals and Peacocks, So Chaud, Hello Kitty in Most Popular)
(Buy So Chaud here)

Are you like me and carry tons of things in your purse or make-up case? Are you a lipstick or lip gloss gal (or both)? Do you have a favorite stand-by lip color?

Monday, April 9, 2012

OOTD- A Change of Pace

I hope you all had a great weekend filled with Easter goodies, family/friend time and relaxation. My honey and I did some furniture comparison shopping, I tackled a bit of laundry, I finally got around to washing my hair (morning exercise leaves me looking a hot mess most days) and I proudly tackled making macaroni and cheese for the very first time. I was pretty happy with the end result although I'm not sure how to take the comment of it tasting like fancy mac n' cheese. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Most weekends involve me unconsciously reaching for a pair of jeans to throw on, but I've actually gotten a bit bored with my jean selection. I can't believe I'm even having such thoughts. Sweats are completely out of the question, so I decided a little leopard would spice up the day quite nicely. And an obnoxiously bright necklace was the perfect accent to all of the neutrals going on in this outfit. Seriously, why didn't anyone tell me that this necklace is set to blind everyone in sight?

What would you (or do you) wear to be comfortable that doesn't involve denim?

Outfit Details:
Leopard dress- thrifted (alternative here, wrap version here, alternative on sale here, maxi version here)
Tan blazer and white handbag- Forever 21 (similar here with a longer strap, similar handbag here with rose gold hardware, the "real" designer version here)
Black quilted flats- Scoop NYC (similar here, here and here)
Black belt- J. Crew
Neon necklace- Charlotte Russe with diy paint job (alternative here for pre-sale)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Notes from the Dressing Room- This and That at Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor is currently offering 30% off everything (except final sale with code SPRING30), so I thought that a stop on my lunch break the other day was in order. I ended up in the dressing room with some very interesting items. Take a look-see:

Petal Top in Pale Almond, $88, available here
This definitely caught my eye when I walked past it and I knew it could either be a pretty special piece or a bit of a disaster. Let's just say, I still haven't formed a complete opinion as to whether I like it or not. I posted this on Instagram right after I tried it on and someone mentioned that it reminded them of fish scales. Certainly not the most glamorous image out there. I love that AT is thinking outside of the box, I like the orange edging of the "petals" and one great thing is that the layers seem to lay flat keeping unnecessary bulk at bay. The back of it is solid knit (like a tee) and the fit is tts. One thing I did not like was the high neckline, it felt like it was a bit tight. The price also doesn't seem that bad for such a unique piece (especially with the discount).

Starlight Top, $158, available here
Tweed Exposed Zip Skirt, $98, available here

This was another top that caught my eye for being a bit different. It's like a a hybrid of a tee and a party top. There is a great "armour" of gold sequins in the front and then that open slit in the back is a totally winner in my book. This is my idea of understated sexiness. I wasn't too crazy about the blah color of the rest of the top and sadly this just doesn't work well on my body shape (broad shoulders), but I would still give this a nice thumbs up. Fit is tts to slightly big. You may want to consider sizing down, especially if you have a smaller chest size.

I can't resist tweed and thought this would be a fun skirt because it has a slight metallic shine to it. Fit is tts, has a pencil skirt shape, but certainly qualifies as a mini. Since I have a similar skirt, this is a pass for me, but the color is really pretty and there is a matching blazer available too (see here).

Garden Floral Dress, $158, available here

They had this dress styled so lovely in the window with a chunky black belt, so I thought I would see how it worked for me. First, I love the colors in the floral. They aren't muted and underwhelming, but they are bright without being obnoxious. With that said, this just made me feel slightly matronly and although I don't mind the black trim down the front, the side view just killed it for me. I don't know why, but the side piping reminds me of an apron. It has a skinny matching string belt included, but it would look way better with a thicker belt like it was styled in the window. Despite its polyester content this was soft and it hugs the body nicely; not too loose, but not too tight. It almost comes to my knee, so this would look great on taller ladies. However, it also comes in petite, definitely a plus. Fit is tts.

Sleeveless Lace Sheath Dress in neon light, $198, available here 
I feel so retro in this dress. The shape is a classic sheath dress, but the color is certainly modern. Although the description says it's lace, I think it has more of an eyelet feel to it. Either way, it has some texture and interest. This is very fitted, so I would recommend sizing up. It felt a bit tight in the shoulders and snug around the waist. Now this color isn't for everyone, but if you aren't color-phobic or want to try out the big neon trend of spring/summer 2012, I say go for this dress. This gets a thumbs up for me, but I'll pass only because dresses with some fullness at the bottom work better for me.

So that's just a small sampling of some of the new items at Ann Taylor. Will you be taking advantage of the promo deal (if you haven't already)?

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

OOTD- The High Low Project

I love the look of high-low hemlines on dresses and tops, but I've found it quite difficult to style this dress. Maybe it's the color or the long-sleeves, but it can be easy to toe the line of looking chic or looking witchy. Inspired by a look on Pinterest featuring a black dress with a denim vest (and I've been trying to hunt down a good one but to no avail. I've considered cutting the sleeves off this jacket, but I think I might regret it), I added my denim jacket and a few other fun accessories for what I hope was a more casual-comfy-chic look. This dress just might live to see more days in my closet.

If you buy something that just isn't quite working for you, do you give it away or try to work with it?

Outfit Details:
Black high-low hem dress- Mark and Estel (similar here, here in a tank version, here in other colors and cute plus-size option available here)
Denim jacket- Gap (similar here and here)
Tan sandals- LOFT (available here)
Burgundy hat- Albertus Swanepoel for J. Crew
Crystal necklace- BaubleBar (similar here and here in color)
Black shades- House of Harlow 1960 (similar here)
Chain necklace- gift
Black and white handbag- (similar here, cute colorblocking option here)

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