Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Recently Acquired- You Look Familiar

This is a picture of some lovely new additions to my wardrobe. I think I went for a theme here, can you guess what I'm crazy about at the moment?

J. Crew Juliet pumps via JCA Weekly Exchange, J. Crew outlet patent leopard belt, ASOS leopard scarf

Tons of new magazines have been touting that animal print is big for this season, but I'm in the camp that it never really goes out of style. Even if you take a simple black dress, a bit of leopard can add a nice splash of oomph.

Are you a fan of animal prints or is it too much for you?

Way out of my budget, but great for if I win the lottery dreams.

J. Crew Leopard Patent Belt, $39.50

Pretty much the same belt I was able to score.

Although I'm on the hunt for a nice oxford, this one wouldn't allow for as much versatility as I'm looking for, but it would be great with a sweater, some cropped jeans or cargo pants, a trench and maybe a cute hat. That might make a nice outfit, perhaps I should reconsider. :)

This is the scarf that I bought and pictured. I can't wait to throw it on over my jackets and dresses this fall.

Great for any solid coat or jacket and keeps the fingers free for texting!

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Monday, August 30, 2010

Celebrate Good Times, Then Rest

On Saturday, I helped my best friend celebrate her wedding nuptials (Congrats L!!!) and after spending time in a fancy dress, a full face of make-up and cute but extremely foot numbing shoes, I had to spend the rest of the weekend in rest.

My very lovely dress that's showing off a serious arm tan. It even had pockets where I stashed some Kleenex that definitely came in handy.

Oops, I did it again!!! I couldn't resist throwing on my chambray shirt and sitting down in the first store visited of the day.

Spent part of the afternoon drooling over shoes in NM. I'll dream of you from afar pretty Prada shoes!!!

I'll be having more dreams about this couch from now on because the comfiness and perfect lounging factor puts mine to shame. Seriously, two people could sleep on this thing, I love it!!!
Did anyone notice a change in footwear, lol?

Is it time for tweed yet? Tried on this lovely Nanette Lepore jacket and it made me excited for the day when I can put on a blazer, but that isn't this week for sure. We'll be in the 90's most of this week.

Say hello to Mr. Bear, Mr. Ted E. Bear. :)

Did you have any exciting weekend plans? Have you ever worn shoes that were so uncomfortable, you had to find the nearest store for a pair of cheap flip flops?
Outfit Details:
Chambray top- J Crew outlet
Tweed plaid shorts- Old Navy (secondhand)
Teddy bear necklace- Forever 21
Gold and white bracelet- Accessories & Beyond (via Revolve Clothing)
Black open toe wedges- Yesstyle.com

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Outfit of the Day-Loving That Working Man's Shirt

Why did no one tell me how wonderful a chambray shirt can be????? I found this at the J Crew outlet over the weekend and immediately had visions of what I can wear with it: a pencil skirt, some shorts, more pencil skirts, perhaps a nice pair of olive cargo pants that are waiting patiently to be worn, oh, and definitely a pencil skirt.

I bet you think you know what I was going to wear first with my new shirt, but no, I went for pants. The weather cooled down just a bit to make wearing a long-sleeve shirt bearable, so out came some chambray and one of my favorite "make me feel super tall heels."

Gotta work on that balance!

Doing my best flamingo pose
Outfit Details:
Chambray top- J Crew outlet
Black ankle skinnies- Zara
Pink belt- J Crew
Tan platform heels- Miu Miu
Gold watch- Nixon
Black/green/white bracelet- secondhand find
Black handbag- Foley + Corinna City Tote
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Notes from the Dressing Room- Back for More at J Crew

With all of the attention that Talbots has been receiving lately with their revamped style, I thought I would head there after work today and check out the store. Nope, still my mother's Talbots, at least in that store. However, I spent some quality time in J Crew checking out lots of new stuff. How did that happen? I only went in there to get a catalog!!!! Which proceeded to be sitting in my mailbox when I got home, of course.

Textured Jersey Tee, $29.50, color isn't online, but it is a mustard shade
Tweed Skirt, $120, ????, doesn't seem to be available online (similar Atomic tweed mini)

I'm a sucker for all things tweed, so this skirt was a must try on for me. Look at all the tweedy goodness and those wonderful colors, plus the tweed felt thick and substantial. Unfortunately, this is too short for comfort. I could probably get away with it on the weekend, but tweed seems better served for a work outfit to me.

I picked up the tee because I thought the chiffon trim was nice and this is a good, basic tee with just a little extra something. J. Crew does mustard yellow very well.

Textured Jersey Tee, $29.50, Crushed Berry

I'm not sure why this skirt is called forest, as it is much closer to a brown color and the website makes the trim on this tee look much darker (it is pretty much the same color as the rest of the tee). Note: This was a size smaller than I usually take, hence the pulling in the front.

I continued the tweed fest with this skirt that was just as short as the last and had an unfortunate shape. The bf said it looked like I had a triple stomach in the front. :O
Not exactly the look I go for in my skirts, so this isn't going to work out.

Tux Henley, $29.50, Black
Skirt not available online, $118, (similar to Crushed Jacquared Pencil Skirt)

I thought this long-sleeved tee had something different going for it with the silver metallic thread and I'm on a serious skirt kick and liked the texture and dressiness the sheen gave this pencil skirt.
The tee was nice and soft, but that front placket was pulling across my chest, so this one is for the less-endowed. And I think the panel comes down too far and resembles a fancy bib.
The skirt was in a size bigger than I normally take, which might be why this created issues. As you can tell, this is very long and gave me extra stomach with the side view. I was disappointed in the fact that this is a polyester blend and felt very thin (no lining). The one positive is that the textured print is really nice. This wasn't special enough to say I'll take it.

Marled Shawl-Collar Cardigan, $118, Marled Black

There is nothing better than a cozy sweater on a cool day and this looked like it would be great to throw on when fall comes around. The buttons and collar help to create a nice shape and the colors are fab, but I thought it was a tad bit too long and on the itchy side

Close up of both pieces, see all the wonderful texture going on!!!

The colors of this blouse is a bit more vibrant than they show on the screen, but the lovely print was the only positive for me. There was no real shape to this and although it is made from silk, I could have sworn that it was polyester. I suppose some open buttons and a belt could salvage this and unlike the website pictures, the ruffles on this do not look like a hairy chest (thanks for the description K, lol) and lie much flatter.

The skirt was a disappointment too because this wool skirt is very thin and has quite the muted color. I've been on the lookout for a pink skirt and thought this would be a good substitute, however I need my wool to feel like it would keep me warm enough if a chill is in the air and this doesn't. The one plus though is that I wouldn't need a hem because this length is perfect.

Vintage Bateau Tee, $42.50, Navy
Stretch Twill Minnie Pant, on sale $49.99, Coal

I was pretty much forced to try on these pants by the sales associate who insisted because they are "the best pants ever". Umm, no ma'am, not these!! I'll admit they felt extremely comfortable and I like the stretchy fabric, but I look a bit oompa-loompa-ish and this kind of pant is borderline legging which means seamless undergarments are a must unless you want jiggly parts all exposed. I'm sure the Minnie works for tons of other gals out there since they are popular, perhaps a darker color would be better.

I only have one striped tee (J Crew) that has seen better day so I've been looking out for a replacement. This would fit the bill quite well; soft, simple and throw it on with anything.

The Perfect Shirt, $78 (similar Paper Poplin Perfect Shirt)

Please ignore the serious flaws going on with these pants (muffin top city)!!!! I'm sadly lacking a pair of gray jeans in my collection and thought I would give these Toothpick jeans a try. Despite needing to go up a size in the waistband, these fit well and I like the length, but that wash is too light and just aren't the world's most flattering jean.
This shirt would be almost perfect if I didn't have the dreaded gaping, but it is a thin, soft material in a pretty purple shade (much richer than it appears in the photos) and the seaming gave it a flattering shape. An added plus is that there isn't a pool of fabric at the bottom so no super bunching going on when it is being tucked into a skirt or pant. The Perfect Shirt is definitely going on my list.
So I managed to walk out of the store with the new catalog and a nice mustard tee. But you bet when more items roll out, I'll be back. Fingers crossed that a magically, perfect tweed skirt appears.
Have you been to J. Crew lately? What's on your Fall wishlist?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Outfit of the Day- Picnic in the Park with a Chance of Strong Winds

Before August and the summer draws to a close, I figure I should get as much wear out of my shorts and brights as I possibly can (although I'm jumping in and giving the shorts with tights a try this fall, let's hope that works). With an invite from the father to partake in some yummy picnic food, I threw on my outfit and said "Let's eat!!!". : )

One of several plates, yum.

I rarely wear sneakers and only bought these for a trip last year. I'm more likely to throw on simple flats for a casual day, but thought these would be a different kind of look. Does it work okay or no, try again?

J Crew is determined to keep me supplied in the cute animal necklaces. Love my new elephant!!

With the hot weather outside, thought some hurricane like winds would cool me right off. Unfortunately, it didn't lift me up like I thought it would, but my hair sure got a bit of a workout.
Outfit Details:
Neon pink tee- J Crew outlet
Black tweed shorts- Rebecca Taylor
Black canvas sneakers- Converse One for Target
Gray elephant necklace- J Crew outlet

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Outfit of the Day- Prim and Proper Grandma

Gotta keep this short as movie night awaits (my choice of course as bf's movie privileges are still in time out). You would have thought it was a work day with all the traffic I was stuck in today, but a girl can't miss the debut of a new store. The new Bloomingdales outlet was a bust, but that didn't stop me from getting my shop on at the J. Crew outlet instead (I am now banned for at least a month). While walking the mall, I felt a little bit like Charlotte from Sex and the City for some reason with my flats and cardigan to go along with my old friend, the grandma shorts. A dash of proper lady and a dash of grandma is not so bad at all.

Outfit Details:
Yellow cardigan- Gift (Target)
Purple lace camisole- Hanky Panky
Flower print shorts- Angie via Loehmann's
Yellow ribbon flats- Seychelles
Metallic blue handbag- Rebecca Minkoff

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Notes from the Dressing Room- Anthro

I was able to skip out on work early one day and decided to head out for a little peek at some stores. Anthropologie was definitely on my list since I wanted to see if they still had an item I tried on before that was put on sale (curbing my impatience was a good thing, will it work this time though?).

I walked into the store and I was immediately bombarded with racks and racks of clothes, it was a bit overwhelming. So I just dived in and grab some items that were a bit interesting and headed to the dressing room.

Midnight Safari Dress, Sparrow, $148

I spied this on the website earlier that day and thought why not try it on when I got to the store. I loved the white, black and pink colors and it had an abstract watercolor feel to it. I thought this dress was extremely flattering in fit, surprisingly soft although just a tad itchy; but the length was a big fat no for me. It had too much length and probably wouldn't be fixable with a simple hemming, so this went back on the rack.

Pinochle Skirt, Edme & Esyllte, $98
Blouse by Sanctuary, $98 (not available on website)

I mainly tried on this blouse to pair with this skirt and I do need a nice white blouse, but this isn't it. I didn't find it flattering at all and it was way too sheer. If I'm wearing a nude bra and it is still showing through, that's a big no.

I thought this was such a whimsical skirt, but I wasn't sure if it was a good or bad thing. I tend to go for much deeper and richer colors, but I thought the soft colors in this skirt were really nice. I tried on my regular size in this (I think) and the waist band was a bit tight, so sizing up might be necessary. I didn't feel extreme love with this skirt, so I'm going to pass. The bf thought it looked cute though, but I have a feeling that it has something to do with him liking poker. :)

Falling in Love Vest, Tabitha, $118

Sigh, I loved this vest so much when I saw it on the website (can't resist a ruffle) and I was so excited to try it on. I had to put on a sad face though because this failed in reality. It had such a flattering fit to it, but the ruffles are too far apart and although it is hard to see in the second picture, they sit out like a shelf. This vest is a wool blend and I think it would have benefited from being made out of a different material; that might have alleviated the stiffness.

Hidden Valley Top, Delleta, $58

It's the fancy mullet top, fancy in the front, casual in the back!!! I wrote a note saying this top was having an identity crisis, lol. This is just no!!! I love the soft color and give me draping any day, but not like this. It is too wide up top and creates a saggy boob illusion. No girl wants that. I think if someone had a longer torso, this would sit better and although I'm no expert at tailoring a few nips and tucks might be possible to create a better fit. I don't think it is worth it, so back to the rack it went.

White Noise Skirt, Sparrow, $98

This Deletta top was much better than the last. The fit was flattering (I thought it made me look slimmer, always a plus), it had great visual interest and it was comfy as any regular tee but with more pizazz. The only minus would be how long it was on me, but I could just tuck it in like I did in the dressing room. This will be wishlisted for me, along with this next item.
I saw this skirt and was initially perplexed about why the snaps were facing the wrong way at the bottom. Then I played with it and discovered its fun origami powers. The bf stated that it looked like I was wearing a onesie in the last two pics, but I assure you it was better in person. This skirt was soft, had a flattering fit (worn in my normal size) and the snaps give you the opportunity to play around with the look of the skirt. More bang for your buck, in my opinion.

Biker Melange Jacket, Cartonnier, $248

I was quite surprised to find this sitting on the racks of Anthropologie because it looks quite contemporary. This was a soft leather jacket with lots of interesting details and at $250 it is practically a steal compared to a similar Theory jacket I tried on months ago.
It is fitted, has stretch to it and the front drape gives it a girly touch. I don't have much to complain about this jacket (although I wish the zippers were black instead of silver), so I might consider it later (if it is even still available).
That concludes my review of what was a drop in a bucket of items available at Anthro. I feel like another trip might be necessary to uncover more goodies, but my wallet might not like that too much.

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