Monday, November 29, 2010

OOTD-Knee High in Funtown

It's Monday which means back to the grind. Although I'm severely lacking in the motivation to work right now, I'm going to relish in the memories of my nice weekend and the thought of another holiday soon approaching. This weekend the bf and I travelled a great distance to get some crab cakes (I was going to tease you with pictures, but that will have to come later) and then we played let's pretend we're moving right now and browsed through the furniture at Room and Board.

This was my favorite sofa because of the nook. Perfect for cuddling up, watching a movie, napping or reading a book/magazine on a lazy day. I'm determined to have a nook in my next sofa.

I'm also going to have a huge mirror for outfit post and making sure I look suitable before stepping outside in the morning!!!!

Who knew how on trend I would be!? I got an email from Who What Wear about cascading earrings. I haven't worn a dangly earring in such a long time and decided to break these out of hiding.

So in love with this color. Gorgeous!!

So now that I've seen all of this gorgeous furniture, I'm selling everything I own (minus a purse or two) plus my left kidney to get new stuff. Do I have any takers? Lol, seriously, that nook isn't going to pay for itself. :)

Outfit Details:
White tee- Target
Green cardigan- Madewell
Denim jeans- J Brand
Tan wedge boots- Crocs (yes, Crocs!)
Tan ostrich clutch-Urban Expressions
Green pea coat- Tulle

Friday, November 26, 2010

OOTD-Layered Up

Did you have a super fantastic Thanksgiving filled with lots of food surrounded by the people you love? I was especially thankful for my mother preparing a wonderful meal that did not include super dry turkey, my boyfriend being there to share the holiday and that I was not stuffed silly with food. I even came prepared with my "sweat"dress, but my need for clothing to accommodate an expanding food baby wasn't necessary.

This post is short and sweet today as it is Friday and time to start the weekend. And when Monday rolls around, I have to get my fingers ready for all of the Cyber Monday deals. Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Did you go Black Friday shopping? Were you one of those people I saw in line hoping to score a $200 flat screen from Walmart?

Outfit Details:
Black sweatshirt dress- Express
Black hoodie-
Black cashmere blazer- thrifted
Gray thigh high socks- Club Monaco
Black buckle boots- Dolce Vita for Target
Red scarf- Love Quotes
Red patent bag- Rebecca Minkoff
Black fingerless gloves- Forever 21

Monday, November 22, 2010

OOTD- Ice Cold Saturday, Brr!

Did you have a fabu weekend? Score any goodies at the Lanvin for H&M collection? I stopped by H&M on Saturday hours way past when the stores opened so everything was gone by the afternoon. That didn't stop my weekend from being tons of fun.

Saturday morning, the bf and I took his lovely kiddies to an ice wonderland. It was an indoor display based on the Grinch Who Stole Christmas where everything was made of ice. Is was super, freakin, freeze your butt off cold inside, but amazing to see. I thought about sticking my tongue to some of the ice to see if it would get stuck like the little boy in A Christmas Story, but didn't want to chance having the paramedics show up for my silly stunt. We ended the day by enjoying one of my favorite things ever, cupcakes!!! Crumbs opened up a location here last week and I can't miss an opportunity to have some goodies. My bf and I went to Crumbs in NYC during a visit earlier this year and he loved how humongous they were and actually enjoyed the fact that he had enough to eat for two days. That's not really my cup of tea, but I love the unique flavors.

Is anyone else doing a countdown to Thursday. I think I'm ready for it to be here already and Monday isn't even over with yet.

I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to stop, but oh what fun it was to slide down like a kid.

Yum to white hot chocolate cupcakes!!

Outfit Details:
Blue gator burnout tee- Rebecca Taylor (long-sleeved version here on sale)
Gray leather hoodie- Aqua (similar on sale here)
Shredded denim shorts- I "Heart" Ronson at JCPenney
Purple pashmina- ???
Purple studded cosmetic case as clutch- Rebecca Minkoff (available here)
Gray wedges-
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Friday, November 19, 2010

OOTD-Vested Interest, Why Can't I Quit You?

I didn't really realize it until I was looking at my pictures, but I guess I was having what I like to call a NY uniform moment (almost, my shirt messed up the all black theme).

I have had this buffalo plaid shirt for awhile that I plucked off the sales rack for maybe $8. I'm not sure what drew me to it (I'm fairly certain it was the price), but it has a strong masculine vibe to me. I thought that it needed some love, so I decided to pair it with another wardrobe problem child, this vest. I remember seeing it on a website years ago, drooling over how special it was for months, finally ordered it when it went on sale (Merry Christmas to me!!) and now it sits in a dark closet crying over being neglected. The problem is I sometimes get lost in the armholes when I put it on and then I ponder over what the heck to wear it with. I don't know if I could ever get rid of it though because I have a fond memory of being a broke, just out of college and paying a million bills to be an adult and waiting forever for that one special piece to finally be mine.

Is there something in your closet that you just can't let go of no matter how many times you try?

Excuse the butt shot, but I wanted you to see the open back of my vest. That is all!! :)

Outfit Details:
Black/white buffalo plaid top- Old Navy (similar here)
Open back knit vest- Mason by Michelle Mason (vest with similar vibe here)
Black cropped pants- J Crew outlet
Black belt- J Crew (similar style in suede here)
Black pumps- Chloe
Black trench coat- DKNY
Black driving gloves- Forever 21

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Notes from the Dressing Room- Madewell, Yes Again!

You guys, I went back again. I heard the call of Madewell (they just opened up a new store around here) and I decided to stop by and see what new goodies they had on the shelves. It occurred to me after I tried on all of these clothes and walked out that I should have taken some pics of the store, but maybe next time. On to the goods:

Stained Glass Pleats Dress in Classic Black, $168, available here

Sorry for the blurriness of the first pic, but you get the idea. I am going to have a love affair with a Madewell dress one day because they sure know how to make them. This dress is a thumbs up for me!! It has crisp pleating down the front and around the bottom (repeated in the back too), but it lays flat enough that it doesn't make the dress poufy or too girly. There is a lovely sheer panel on the top half in the back, the colors are quite lovely and fit is tts.

Silky Swing Dress in Purple Charm, $128, available here

I can't resist purple and thought this would be another cute dress to try on.  Although I don't die for it like the first dress, I still like it. The only issue would be how thin it is (notice the sheer overlay and sleeves) and a cardi or jacket would just cover up its best feature. Fit is also tts.

Striped Gathering Pocket Tee in Midnight Purple, $45, available here
Woodside Sweater Shorts in Wild Boar, $78, available here

I don't know what's going on at the store, but they sure are trying to make the shorts in cold weather feasible. I was very meh about the tee although it is a nice, soft tee and came in an array of other colorways; but there was something about these shorts. Is it crazy to think about getting a pair of sweater shorts??? The material was relatively thick for shorts and they are like pulling on a pair of sweats (except not quite and you would definitely need tights or otk socks to not completely freeze your tushy off). These come slightly high-waisted, have front pockets and a tie belt. I can picture these with some tights and boots, but piling could be a possible issue with wear.

Polka dot tee, not online
Lace Market Shorts in Tiramisu, $88, available here

I was dying to find a pair of lace shorts this summer, but never did and now several months later, here they are. Hey, wrong season!!! I must have been in a shorts mood because I liked these too. They have a cute scalloped edge, are lined, and have pockets (always a plus). They are on the short side and I'm not sure how I would even wear this in cold weather (does come in black, but that looks very lingerie-ish to me). Overall, I would still give it a thumbs up.
Let's not talk about that tee because I am most definitely wearing the wrong size anyway. But if you were interested, it comes in another color (blk/white maybe?) and you should be warned that it is pretty thin.

Stained Glass Tank in Classic Black, $98, available here
Skinny Skinny Jeans in Foundry Wash, $95, available here

This is the top version of that first dress I tried on above. This tank has some frayed pleating details at the shoulder and the same colorful print, but it isn't quite love like the dress. Plus, anything with fraying details should not be purchased at anywhere close to $100 in my opinion.

Pleats & Panels Top in Vanilla Cream, $98, available here

This top was featured in an email from Madewell and I thought it looked pretty interesting online. Despite the weird face action I have going on in that first pic, I was certainly intrigued by this top. The graphic pattern is nice and it has a lovely panel of pleats down the front, but I'm not sure they work for me visually. Maybe if it was a slimmer panel or on the side, I would like it better. This top runs slightly big, you could size down in this.

Goldrush Cardigan in Heather Blacktop, $125, available here

I love a good cardi and this one was a love it. It has tiny gold beads all over the front. :)  The only downer for me is the merino wool is slightly itchy. Although I would gladly add this to my collection o' cardis, that $125 price tag is giving me pause. Runs tts to slightly small.

I didn't buy anything this time, but I do have a 15% discount that can be used until the end of the month, so I might be back. You better be ready pleated dress!!!!

Have you shopped Madewell?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OOTD- Confetti Fun Like the Party Cake

Do you love khaki? It conjures up images of a uniform to me, especially since I had to wear them when I volunteered at a museum once and at a part-time gig ages ago complete with a badge and name tag. My bf jokes that we should dress up in our khakis one day, find a red shirt to match and play tricks on the staff and patrons of Target. I can totally see him getting us busted by acting crazy on the store intercom system asking for price checks on things that don't exist.

Since buying this skirt earlier this year, I've only worn it a few times. Besides being a wrinkle monster, I've been trying to rack my brain and figure out how to make it less of a standard issue item. I figured I would ground it with some black, then I layered on some jewelry and added a touch of color. I'm rather certain I wouldn't be mistaken for a Tar-jay team member in this ensemble.

Outfit Details:
Black tee- American Apparel
Blazer- Jones of New York (thrifted)
Khaki skirt- Zara
Pink patent belt- J Crew
Black pumps- Taryn by Taryn Rose
Black handbag-??? (some Italian brand)

Monday, November 15, 2010

OOTD-A Little Grocery Chic

Did you have a lovely weekend? The highlight of mine was going to the grocery store!!! That might not sound like pure excitement to you, but after having major refrigerator issues over the past month or so, there has been a serious lack of food in the kitchen. I celebrated this momentous occasion by getting all fancied up. Not ball gown fancy, but I put on a few new things like my necklace, clutch, my crazy new platforms and showed off a little with my striped socks.
One thing I realized that is super important when you are venturing outside of your normal zone fashion-wise, confidence is always key!!! Always walk proud, even if your crazy socks are falling down in the grocery store. :)

Outfit Details:
Tee in dark rosewood- J Crew (available here)
Golden ankle cords- J Crew (similar style available here)
Denim jacket- Gap outlet
Brown suede platforms- Charlotte Ronson
Brown ostrich envelope clutch- M.Andonia (available here)
Necklace- Jewel Mint (check it out here!!)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Opinion Poll-Yes, No, Maybe So?

While running an errand yesterday, I somehow ended up in Forever 21. My body was telling me to lie on the couch and zone out while watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but my mind figured I could at least get some Christmas shopping started.

I tried on this dress that had one feature I always love on a dress, pockets!!!  I debated whether to get it because a. how often would I wear this and b. can I pull it off. So I want to ask whether this dress is a yay or nay. I would probably just get it for our annual Christmas party. Jazz it up with some sparkle, a cute belt and a colorful shoe, perhaps? And the drapey pockets can be tamed down a bit, but given that I am much broader on top, volume on the bottom can work for me.

Go back to get or keep looking?

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OOTD-Cashmere Covered Dots

Raise your hand if you're a bargain shopper!!! I know I am, which is why I sometimes end up in the thrift store searching for hidden gems among the racks. Never have I found a vintage Chanel hiding behind old Anne Klein purses, but a girl can hope and dream.
About a month ago I found myself in my local thrift store looking for a new blazer, specifically something in the on-trend camel colored family. As is the case when you want something specific, you find everything but. That's how I ended up with this black blazer. It was simple, could go perfectly with so many things, and best of all 100% cashmere. I wanted to do a happy dance when I looked at the fabric content and saw that, plus it fit me!!! Even better that it barely put a hurtin' on my wallet because I paid about $2.50 for it. It kept me warm, looking polished and went nicely with my most recent bargain skirt from the outlet ($25). I say it was money well spent.
Are you a thrift store shopper?  Have you done the happy dance recently after a great find?

My arms are just crossed, I am not giving you an obscene gesture. ;)

I heard a strange noise behind me. I think it was a ghost!

Outfit Details:
Cashmere blazer- thrifted
Black button down- Alice Temperley for Target
Black/white dot skirt- J Crew outlet
Black pumps- Taryn by Taryn Rose
Black cable knit wool tights (love!!)- Stockin Girl (found in Nordstrom Rack, available here)
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