Wednesday, November 30, 2011

OOTD-Same, But Different

As I was trolling through the thrift store recently, I came across a few winning items and this was only after I tried to keep my eyes from burning at the sight of a million ugly Christmas sweaters. Seriously, where did they all come from? Do they hoard them in the back until this time of year? One such find was this super pink blazer. Pink is one of my happy colors, so I had to snatch it up, despite the fact that I already have a hot pink blazer that I found in the same thrift store last year. Is that crazy?? It needs several alterations (the shoulders are too big and the length is borderline tunic length), but yet it languished in the "to be fixed" pile and never quite made it to the tailors. The same color and it saved me some money... I'll take it!!

What's your happy color when it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories?

Outfit Details
Pink blazer- thrifted (Gap)
Black dotted sweater- Forever 21 (similar vibe here, here and here)
Tan "Minnie" pants- J. Crew (same pant in different colors here, similar pant in same color here)
Black flats- Barney's Co-op
Black/white handbag- Rebecca Minkoff Mini Cherish (similar here, here and  here)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

OOTD- A Common Factor

Today's post is sponsored by scales, of the snake and fish variety. This little dress has been hiding in my closet for awhile despite the fact that I have several outfit ideas already thought up for it. So I figured that today is as good as any day to let it roam the streets. Paired with some fishnet tights (no, I'm not wearing old lady white stockings, if you were wondering. Nude in the hosiery market, does not quite equate for me), a hint of some color with the belt and my new favorite boots, I was all set.

Is leopard or cheetah print not your thing? Snake print is a little more "trendy" but subtle. Don't be afraid to try either one for some interest and pattern in your closet. They can handle a little bit of extra color or a lot, but they will definitely make you feel like a sassy women.

Team leopard, snake or zebra??? Which team are you on?

Outfit Details:
Snakeskin dress- H&M (similar here)
Fishnet tights- Berkshire (similar here)
Lilac belt- J. Crew outlet
Brown ankle boots- Madewell (available here)
Signet ring- J. Crew (available here)
Burgundy handbag- Marc by Marc Jacobs "Natasha" (available here in a different color, similar style here)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Get That Wallet Ready!!

I hope everyone is ready to start this week anew after all of good food and crazy shopping of last week. Did you brave the crowds of Black Friday??  Well, the shopping has not ended, I tell you. My inbox is inundated with emails touting big discounts. I'm shaking at the thought of the workout my wallet may get today. Let's see what kind of goodies are out there for the taking:

Bowtie Blouse, $17.80, available here
Free shipping on all orders at Forever 21 (use code CYBERMO), plus take 10% off orders over $100 (use code TENOFF)

$25 off $50 at Incase from Living Social, available here
Do you need a new IPhone or Ipad case or want to gift one for Christmas? Living Social has a great deal for Incase where you are sure to find something that strikes your fancy.

Winter Boutique Earrings, original price $68, available here
Ann Taylor is offering 50% off everything, plus free shipping (use code MONDAY). You can't beat such a great deal!!

Camp Coat, original price $219, available here
Rachel Roy is offering 40% off her Rachel Rachel Roy line and 20% off her Rachel Roy line (free shipping).

Cheetah Print Silk Blouse, original price $168, available here
A personal fave, EmersonMade is offering 30% off today (use code MarvelousMonday). Discount codes are few and far between for this retailer, so definitely take advantage.

Lulu Clutch, original price $144, available here

Want to show a fellow blogger some love today? Jen Ramos of Made by Girl is offering 20% off her items (use code HOLIDAY20 through 12/23). Pretty prints, clutches and bracelets are just waiting to make their way to your closet (or a good friend as a gift).

Did you go out for Black Friday? Share your goodies with me!!
Are you going to take advantage of Cyber Monday? Are these purchases for your or others?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

OOTD- Zig-Zagging in the Rain

I feel like it has been forever since I've taken an actual outfit picture with a camera. The rain didn't stop my show!!

I had to leave the house super early, so this outfit was hastily put together. I pulled out some simple pieces (black skirt, black tank) and added something interesting like my new cardi and a tangle of necklaces. I of the belief that you should never underestimate the power of accessories. Even if you aren't into jewelry there is always a pretty scarf or funky tights. They can instantly elevate the simplest of outfits.

Have a fabulous Thanksgiving and if you are braving crowds on Black Friday, be safe!! I'll stay safely at my computer with a plate of yummy food. :)

Outfit Details:
Black tank- H&M
Gray spotted cardigan- Old Navy (available here)
Black knit skirt- Gap
Socks and umbrella- Missoni for Target (tights available here and rainboots available here)
Crystal necklaces- J. Crew (available here and here)
Black flat boots- BCBG

I had a request to see the crystal brulee necklace up close so here it is:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Notes from the Dressing Room- Top Party at J. Crew

I'm back in the store again. I just can't quit you J. Crew!! I spent some time at the mall recently and ended up at J. Crew where I tried on a few tops. Here is small review:

Glimmer Long-Sleeve Tee in Dark Khaki, on sale $69.50, available here

Sparkles!!! I have one sequin top in my closet (that I have yet to break out) and I feel like I need more. This top fits the bill. I love it!! I can see it spicing up a pair of jeans, it could pair nicely with something fancier and could even be work wear if paired with the right things. I would wear it everyday. The fit is tts and it comes in two other colors (black and blue). I give this a thumbs up even though I can imagine this losing a few sequins at some point.

Blythe Blouse in Silk Pebble Dot, $128, available here

Silk you say? Blouse, really? I tried this one and immediately had visions of a pajama top. I'm sure the color created that image. I was also a little surprised to find that it was silk because it honestly felt a bit polyester-ish to me. I do love the dotted print and it skims the body nicely. I think it would look nice under a blazer, but I still can't help but wonder if it comes with a matching bottom pant. A nice top, but don't think it is quite worth the full price.

Heart Me Sweater in Acorn Black, $88, available here
This sweater hasn't been getting the best reviews and I sadly have to add to that chorus. The sweater looked  really cute online and sitting on the table in the store, but it just wasn't quite there. The material already looked pill-y in the store, the fabric is thin and I didn't notice this at first glance, but the heart is not symmetrical. I think that looks a bit weird. The fit is tts and it does come in other colors (red and navy). I'm sure the heart will appeal to many, but I don't think it is worth the full price.

Honeycomb Cable Sweater in Dark Poppy, $79.50, available here

I came to the realization that red is severely lacking in my wardrobe and after seeing this picture in the recent J. Crew catalog, I was even more determined to add some to my closet:

Red on red on red, I love it!! This sweater is a beautiful, bright red color and it has a really great texture. I love the extra detail at the shoulder too. The fit is tts and it comes in a million other colors. I would say this is one of the better sweaters that I've tried on this season, at least look-wise as the fabric isn't particularly soft and cozy. I put it on my wishlist, but ended up finding a red sweater at Old Navy instead. Hey, I can't beat a price of about $10. That gives me a few extra bucks for that whopper of a necklace. 

What do you have your eye on in the store?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Notes from the Dressing Room-A Trifecta

A few weeks ago, I headed to the mall for a little retail therapy and had the chance to try on a few items from one of my favorite designers, Rachel Roy. Whether it is for her ready-to-wear line or her diffusion line at Macy's, there is always a perfect mix of color, pattern and interesting details that I can't help but love. Here are a few items for review:

Roxanna Top, $99, available here

I'm not much for off the shoulder tops because of the whole bra strap issue, but this little number was perfect because it is both off the shoulder and still has straps. I loved all of the colors in it and the flow of this top and I think it is extremely versatile in that it can work for the office with a blazer or cardi and if you need to go out after work, you just throw that topper off and this is ready to party. This gets a thumbs up! Fit is about tts, but you could size down for a fitter look.

The Crush Dress, $129, available here

There is that print again although now in skirt form. This dress is adorable with the flirty pleated skirt action and the draped top with a cute flower on the shoulder. I think this dress would be perfect for any of the festive activities going on for the rest of the year. Fit is tts. My only complaints about this one is that the drape might be a little too low for some modest ladies out there, the waist detail might look better if it started further down and if you are tall, this one might not be the one for you as it is kind of short.

Liza dress, $120, available here

There were sequins involved, how could I not try this one on!! This navy dress is also a perfect buy for any upcoming holiday events, a fun night out and definitely for a New Year's celebration. This is a shift dress so don't expect too much shape. I tried it on a size larger, but I would say it is tts. I just know I'm not the type to like clingy clothing, so sizing will depend on whether you want some va-va-voom or not. The sequins are attached to a netting that is layered on top of the main body of the dress. Sequins are one of those iffy wardrobe fabrics because of the high possibility of losing them, but this dress seemed well made and the color is dark enough to camouflage any disappearing sequins.

Shawl Collar Puffer, $179, available here
Do you feel like you are missing color from your coat/jacket selection? If so, this one is for you!! This jacket is a bright, traffic cone kind of orange so this will definitely get you noticed. It has a great wrap shape and fits well (tts). If you live in a cold climate, this is a no-go. This puffer jacket is more for looks than for protecting you against the elements because it is not thick at all. Overall, a nice jacket, but not practical.

Sleeveless Faux Fur Vest, $179, available here

I've been on the hunt for a faux-fur vest for awhile, but it has never been quite right. The bulk, the fit, the length, the color all have to be perfect. This one was high on the list. The "fur" is soft, it has a hook and eye closure for shape, it is not too bulky and I really like how the back makes it look like a regular vest. My only hesitation about it was the price, but it was certainly good enough for my wishlist. Fit is tts.

I hope you see something you like!! Do you have a dress for the holiday season ready? Have you found the perfect faux fur vest or jacket?

If you do see something that has caught your eye, Macy's has several items on sale and Rachel Roy is offering 20% off your order until 11/23. Happy shopping!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

OOTD- In Pieces

My post title has Ashley Simpson's Pieces of Me running through my head. Remember her? She sure did disappear after the demise of Melrose Place 2.0.

Since my photographer has called in sick this week and I still don't have a stitch of make-up on my face, I have been left to my own devices. I don't want you guys to feel all abandoned, so I thought I would still show you my outfit today, but in bits and pieces. I felt even more pumped by the idea for this post when I spotted this feature in the magazine on the way to work this morning:

Outfit Details:
Knit hat- Forever 21 (similar here and here)
Black trench coat- DKNY
Shoulder beaded tuxedo blazer- (Ebay find, label Twiggy London) (similar style here)
Flower print dress- Alice Temperley for Target
Burgundy handbag- Marc Jacobs "Natasha"- (available here)
Bracelets from top to bottom-from StyleMint package, Target, BaubleBar (available here), J. Crew

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Hodge Podge

First off, I want to thank all of you wonderful guys for the well wishes for a speedy eye recovery. It made my heart happy. Although things are bit fuzzy (especially print and especially on the computer screen), my vision is improving (slooooowly) every day and it is such a weird and wonderful thing not needing to put in my contacts.

I'm not quite ready for an outfit post since I have not been wearing any make-up and don't need to subject you guys to that look, so instead here are a few random pics over the past few weeks:

Me crying (not really) about the soon to be loss of my glasses (before surgery)

Shoes I tried on at Gap recently. Still debating if I should get them, what do you think?

Stamped leather boot, available here

Arm Party!!! Leopard watch, new skull bracelet, and spike bracelet

Timex Easy Reader Leopard watch, available here
Skulls Drawcord bracelet, available here
Forever 21 Spike bracelet, similar version here

Random outfit never posted (oops):

J. Crew Tippi sweater in bright dahlia, available here 
Equipment Sophie striped blouse, similar here
Marc by Marc Jacobs "Natasha" handbag, available here

Friday, November 11, 2011

Taking a Shopping Break

I'll probably be on a mini blog hiatus while my eyes recover from laser eye surgery, so I decided to give you guys some lovely new items to look at (since I probably can't):

Milly Luggage Lock Camille Coat, $750, available here

Milly can do no wrong when it comes to lady-like and prettiness. What better way to go through this season than with a beautiful statement coat.

Forever 21 Perforated Leather Gloves, $14.80, available here

How pretty is this color and that bow is just the cutest touch.

Botkier Eden Satchel, $595, available here

This made my heart go pitter-patter! Classy and fun, the perfect combo!

Tory Burch Iphone Case, $48, available here

I'm on a search for the perfect phone case, this one has some personality!

Boutique 9 Cesena Wedge, $150, available here

Purple hotness! It's like Prince in shoe form!

Gucci Oliver Pug Dog Key Chain, $185, available here

Definitely pricey for a small item, but look at that cute Oliver!!

Happy Shopping!!

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