Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OOTD- Trying to be Sky High

Thanks to one Ms. Jessica Simpson, I am now in the possession of what I think of as borderline drag queen shoes. I bought them because they were the color that I'm craving for fall (wine/burgundy) and that heel and platform would give me grand illusions of being a lot taller than I am and any shoe that makes me feel amazon-ish is a big winner in my book.

I was inspired to pair purple and red together after seeing Rosa from Love at First Shop wear an outfit recently with that exact color mix that looked so beautiful and effortless. Her post also made me realize that my closet was void of really pretty blouses. So my fashion mission is to get my Mad Men on in the top department. Let's hope I can find them at 1960's prices too!

Is there anything that you are constantly on the hunt for but can never seem to find? White tees? Good black pumps? A Fair Isle sweater?

Outfit Details:
Lavender sweater- J. Crew (similar color on sale here)
Red jeans and necklace- Forever 21 (similar jeans in a wider leg here, similar in plus size here)
Burgundy heels- Jessica Simpson (available here, similar color in regular heel here)
Leopard handbag- Olivia + Joy (same bag different shape here)

Monday, September 26, 2011

OOTD- A Roarin' Good Date Night

The extremely fuzzy view from the restaurant, but there's a distinct landmark in the background that you can't miss!!

Just call me Marilyn!!
My honey took me out for a night on the time and I, in turn, got myself all fancied up. The occasion just seemed to call for my leopard dress. It was perfect for enjoying the views of the restaurant and for having myself a little Marilyn Monroe moment.

Just like the bird dress in my previous post, this leopard dress is one of my favorites although I've had it for months (we are talking since spring) and have only worn it now. I should really figure out why I keep letting the pretty stuff sit in my closet, although I think you might get tired of me wearing the same thing every week if I did break out nothing but the fun pieces. Although this has me thinking I should challenge myself to fashion five distinct outfits out of one item. I have one down for this dress, only four more to create....this might take awhile.

What's your typical date night/night on the town attire?

Outfit Details:
Leopard dress- ASOS (similar here in select sizes, similar here)
Black tuxedo jacket with beading-Ebay find (similar here)
Black belt and crystal necklace- J. Crew (belt here in suede, necklace available here)
Purple handbag- Rebecca Minkoff Rendezvous Clutch (similar designer clutch here, similar color here)
Purple bow heels- Milk & Honey (the designer pair that inspired mine here, similar here, similar without bow here)

Friday, September 23, 2011

OOTD- Birds on a Wire

My birdies came out for an appearance again although in a slightly different form. I originally wore this dress as just that, a dress (oh, back in this post). Although, this is probably my favorite dress ever for its crazy fun print, I've only worn it once again since it first appeared on the blog. Let's not even talk about the blouse I have in the same print that hasn't seen the light of day yet although I heart it just as much. I thought the dress deserved some much needed airtime, plus I felt like dressing up for once this week and thus this outfit concoction was born. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out with a dress serving function as a blouse and lots of purple popping. Thinking outside the box can result in great creativity. Let's see if I can increase that juice to turn myself into a master wardrobe mixologist!!

Happy Friday to all!! Put some fun and relaxation on your weekend to-do list!!

Outfit Details:
Bird dress (worn as top)- Erin Fetherston (dress in different version here in limited sizes, bird print dress here, bird print blouse here and here)
Purple skirt- thrifted (similar here)
Black belt- J. Crew (similar here, same belt in suede here)
Striped tote- Rebecca Minkoff Mini Cherish (similar here in black, similar in print here)
Tan platforms- Miu Miu (similar here)
Claw bracelet- ASOS (available here)
Shield necklace- Forever 21 (similar here, here and here)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OOTD-Earning My Badge

Ladies, there is great power in accessories and layers. Take this outfit as example. My original plan for this outfit was to wear the maxi with the blazer and call it a day. Rather boring, I admit. Although the addition of a necklace, vest and belt might sound like way too much stuff, I think they were the best accouterments for such a basic outfit. A bit of interest lurked under the blazer, additional color and lots of varying lengths, I was a thrilled with the outcome. Can we bring back the days of earning badges like a Girl Scout because I need a patch to sew on my blazer for layering skills? :)

What fashion badge do you think you deserve?

Outfit Details:
Green blazer- Zara (similar here, darker green here)
Black maxi dress and chiffon feather printed vest- Forever 21
Black/white striped tote- Rebecca Minkoff Mini Cherish (similar here)
Gray wedges- ASOS (similar here)
Black elastic tie belt- J. Crew

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Notes from the Dressing Room- All Tops at J. Crew

Do you ever go to the mall and not feel like trying anything on? I was having, what we will call, partial dressing room laziness. Therefore, these (long overdue) reviews are all about the tops. What's even better... J. Crew is currently offering 30% off select sweaters. Let's take a look:

Dream Crewneck Sweater in Heather Acorn, $74.00 (on sale for $51.80), available here

I'm determined to find a simple, tan top this season and gave this sweater a whirl. The color is a great neutral (although I'm not totally convince this is a color that is right for my skin tone), however this sweater was pretty shapeless. The fabric was also itchy and just not a dream to me. This sweater comes in some wonderful colors, but I didn't feel as if it was worth the full price (especially if it looks prone to becoming a future fuzzy, pilly mess). Fit is about tts.


Button-Shoulder Sweatshirt Tee in Heather Pacific, $49.50, available here

The buttons on this top were a cute addition, the fabric was soft and it would be perfect to throw on. I tried this on in my normal size and it had a good amount of roominess although not enough to need a size down. I appreciate the lower scoopneck which I think can be a bit more flattering than a crewneck. Nice tee, but the buttons aren't worth a $50 price tag.

Merino Boyfriend Sweatshirt in Heather Carbon, $89.50 (on sale $71.60), available here

Holy boxy top!!! I knew this would be baggy and sized down, yet I still have a ton of room. The product picture makes this top look quite different and a lot nicer!! I'm not quite sure what to say about this one, although I love this deep shade of gray and the length isn't bad; but I have no idea who would look flattering in such a number. If this does float your boat, I would recommend that you size down at least two sizes.

Silk Polka Dot Tee in Navy, $98, available here

I love a good polka dot and was delighted to see this little blouse. It's cute, comfortable and a extremely versatile. I wasn't too crazy about the boxy shape, but that's nothing a bit of layering or a belt can't take care of. It has an exposed zipper that I think might be a pain to deal with (a button at the top might have worked better). I thought this was a great top, just not quite worth the price although given what some of those silk, Equipment blouses go for, it might not be so bad. I would have put this on my wishlist had I not just bought a tee in the same polka dot colorway. Fit is tts.


Cowlneck Poncho in Grey White, $198, available here

Out of all of the items I tried on, I have to say this one was my favorite. And to think I have never been into ponchos or capes. It is a bit big in shape, but it would be a perfect topper in the cool fall weather. I can just picture wearing a turtleneck, jeans and boots to complete the whole look. It is soft, it was pockets and I really like the cowl neck. The fabric is not heavy, but also not thin to where it provides no comfort against the elements. I would say to definitely size down at least one size. Although I thought about getting this, especially since the sales associate was trying to convince me that it would be selling fast, I left it in the store. I still think about it and see that it is available in all sizes. This will be wishlisted in hopes of it making it to sale.

Are there any new arrivals that you have your eye on at J. Crew?

Monday, September 19, 2011

OOTD- The Winds Have Changed

Fall has arrived!! I have the long sleeves to prove it! I relished in the fact that I could do some slight layering, wear jeans without the summertime stickiness that makes it so uncomfortable and that I didn't even need a jacket yet. All that would complete the picture is a cup of Pumpkin Spice Latte.

You know, I'm not big on earthy tones; give me bright colors any day! However, I spotted this top and knew it would be perfect for the new season. Such a rich, saturated shade of green lends itself well with almost any color pairing I could think of: yellow like in the scarf I'm wearing, a pair of gray pants or skirt, my bright orange sweater that's been in hiding, or red, if I dare, at Christmas time. This definitely has the makings of lots of future use. I hope the other tops in my closet don't get too jealous.

Are you into earth tones, brights or both? What is one item in your wardrobe that gets tons of wear time?

Outfit Details:
Green top- Forever 21 (similar casual option here, dressy option here)
Bootleg denim jeans- Paige Premium
Turquoise belt- Forever 21 (similar here)
Olive wedges- Madewell (available here)
Leopard satchel- Olivia + Joy (available here, similar here and here)
Yellow Italy scarf- Gifted (by Linda of Little Tin Soldier)

Friday, September 16, 2011

OOTD- Can I Borrow That, Diane?

Today's post is brought to you by Diane. Diane Kruger, that is. She of the fabulous style, Chanel connections and a boyfriend that I spent my teen years watching on tv. I was completely enamored with an outfit of hers that I saw quite some time ago:

It was absolutely perfect to me with the fun, colorful tweed, the bright sweater, and that adorable hat. I mean, seriously, it's fantastic! I bought my sweater over the summer and I was beyond thrilled to spot a tweed skirt at the outlet that was perfectly priced and practically a twin to hers. And then the weather got way too hot to wear anything sweater related, so my plan to imitate her got put to the wayside. With my new bag arriving this week and the hint of fall in the air, I joyfully decided to put this outfit on yesterday. I mean, can you blame me after waiting over 2 months? Now if you don't mind, I'm going to see what other outfits I can "borrow" from her. ;)

Was there ever a celebrity outfit that you absolutely loved and wanted to create? Tell me who and what outfit!!

Outfit Details:
"Tippi" sweater in bright dahlia- J. Crew (available here)
Tweed skirt- J. Crew outlet
Brown belt- thrifted
Cap-toe ballet flats- Delman (via Gilt)
Leopard satchel- Olivia + Joy (available here, different shape here and here, very similar here, with black trimming here)
Pearl necklace- Marc by Marc Jacobs accessory boutique
Crystal necklace- J. Crew (available here)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Notes from the Dressing Room- Chicness Abounds at Ann Taylor

An email arrived in my inbox yesterday from Ann Taylor touting 40% off everything. Now, my perception of Ann Taylor has been simple and basic for quite sometime and that usually doesn't leave me excited to visit the stores very often, but such a good deal had me interested. I headed off to the store yesterday to take a look and I have to say I still saw simple and basic, but was pleasantly surprised at the level of sophistication and chicness in so many of the fall pieces. Here is a review of a few of those items:

Faux Leather Trim Moto Jacket, $168, available here
Ponte Pleat Mini Skirt, $98, limited sizes available here

This hybrid would make a great fall item. It has the versatility of being a jacket or a sweater, it has a good weight to it and lots of interesting details. I loved the dark trimming and soft color. The minus for me is that the high collar was a bit constricting and itchy when buttoned up and knits aren't always so flattering for me, but overall this was a great quality jacket.

I seriously heart this skirt. The floaty bottom is so fun and flirty, it is made of that stretchy knit designed to hold all of your goods in place and not have every nook and cranny of your body on display, plus the length isn't obscenely short. The fit is tts and gets a big thumbs up.

Windsor Check Sheath Dress, $148, available here
Normally, a sheath dress would be so simple and probably boring, but the black trim on this one takes it to another level. I absolutely love this dress!! At first glance, I thought this was a tweed dress, but upon closer inspection it is a nice, medium-weight knit. The lines of this dress are placed to emphasis and flatter the lines of the body. This dress has a wonderful sophistication to it and would look great alone or paired with a smart blazer and sexy shoes. I tried this on in my normal size and the fit was a bit snug. You might consider sizing up, especially if you are curvy or busty.


Sleeveless Trench Topper, $228, available here
What I thought was a trench dress, turns out to be an actual trench, but I think it could work both ways. It is simple and classic. It fits great and has a nice feel to it because of the good quality fabric and lining. Tried on in my normal size and I think you could possibly size down in this number. The only downside I see is the belt, but that is such an easy swap out. Thumbs up!!

Shawl Collar Blouse, $78, available here
Asymmetrical Pointe Skirt, $88, available here
I had to add some print into the mix and this pretty blouse caught my eye. It has a lovely, gold bar enclosure on the side, a nice drape around the collar and would be extremely versatile for work and weekend. My issue with it is the rather low-cut neckline and tucking this blouse into a pant/skirt would detract and distract from its great qualities.

I was attracted to the golden yellow color of this skirt and thought the asymmetrical hem added an interesting element. This skirt was comfortable, a little bit different and overall a good value. Fit is tts.

Country Check Jacket, $198, available here

There is nothing better than a good blazer, so I decided to give this one a go. It has a small check pattern and the sleeves are a darker gray than the rest of the body. I was certainly intrigued by that aspect. This jacket is on par with J. Crew's prices and to me, AT definitely gives them a run for their money. This blazer wasn't bulky and would be perfect for layering; the fit was tts and comfortable. The buttons are actually hidden when you close up the blazer which helps to create a nice, clean line although they are a bit tricky to deal with. The only minuses I had for this item were the bulky shoulder pads. I'm just not a fan.

I behaved myself yesterday and walked out with no bags (especially since I overloaded at the Missoni for Target launch), however a few of these things are taunting me. If you work in a business environment or just like to have great basics, I highly recommend you take a glance at AT. And with 40%, you can get more bang for your buck. And definitely check out the shoes, bags and jewelry. I almost slipped up and went to the register with all of those wonderful, eye-catching accessories.

Will you be taking advantage of Ann Taylor's offer? Are you a fan of the store?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Looting Target- My Missoni x Targ Haul

There was some serious Missoni for Target madness going on today!!! I heard fights even broke out in some store. Is the zig-zag throw really worth the madness?? I don't know, but I joked that I might have to throw some 'bows for that pretty bike:

I decided to head out to the stores before work this morning and check out the racks, especially since the website was acting silly and slow. I got there around 8:45am and the store was crawling with fellow fashionistas who cleared out a good amount of the selection. We were all like vultures around the cart of returns. I had some luck on my side today and managed to snag a few goodies:


I got one last thing and wanted to get your opinion. Is this skirt a yes or no?

The one item I really wanted was the throw and managed to find the only one in the store. There are lots of patterned good stuff here but I'm in the process of weeding through what to keep or not. The throw and serving trays have made the cut so far.

Are you a fan of this latest Target collaboration? Did you try and succeed or fail to get anything today?
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