Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Notes from the Dressing Room- All Tops at J. Crew

Do you ever go to the mall and not feel like trying anything on? I was having, what we will call, partial dressing room laziness. Therefore, these (long overdue) reviews are all about the tops. What's even better... J. Crew is currently offering 30% off select sweaters. Let's take a look:

Dream Crewneck Sweater in Heather Acorn, $74.00 (on sale for $51.80), available here

I'm determined to find a simple, tan top this season and gave this sweater a whirl. The color is a great neutral (although I'm not totally convince this is a color that is right for my skin tone), however this sweater was pretty shapeless. The fabric was also itchy and just not a dream to me. This sweater comes in some wonderful colors, but I didn't feel as if it was worth the full price (especially if it looks prone to becoming a future fuzzy, pilly mess). Fit is about tts.


Button-Shoulder Sweatshirt Tee in Heather Pacific, $49.50, available here

The buttons on this top were a cute addition, the fabric was soft and it would be perfect to throw on. I tried this on in my normal size and it had a good amount of roominess although not enough to need a size down. I appreciate the lower scoopneck which I think can be a bit more flattering than a crewneck. Nice tee, but the buttons aren't worth a $50 price tag.

Merino Boyfriend Sweatshirt in Heather Carbon, $89.50 (on sale $71.60), available here

Holy boxy top!!! I knew this would be baggy and sized down, yet I still have a ton of room. The product picture makes this top look quite different and a lot nicer!! I'm not quite sure what to say about this one, although I love this deep shade of gray and the length isn't bad; but I have no idea who would look flattering in such a number. If this does float your boat, I would recommend that you size down at least two sizes.

Silk Polka Dot Tee in Navy, $98, available here

I love a good polka dot and was delighted to see this little blouse. It's cute, comfortable and a extremely versatile. I wasn't too crazy about the boxy shape, but that's nothing a bit of layering or a belt can't take care of. It has an exposed zipper that I think might be a pain to deal with (a button at the top might have worked better). I thought this was a great top, just not quite worth the price although given what some of those silk, Equipment blouses go for, it might not be so bad. I would have put this on my wishlist had I not just bought a tee in the same polka dot colorway. Fit is tts.


Cowlneck Poncho in Grey White, $198, available here

Out of all of the items I tried on, I have to say this one was my favorite. And to think I have never been into ponchos or capes. It is a bit big in shape, but it would be a perfect topper in the cool fall weather. I can just picture wearing a turtleneck, jeans and boots to complete the whole look. It is soft, it was pockets and I really like the cowl neck. The fabric is not heavy, but also not thin to where it provides no comfort against the elements. I would say to definitely size down at least one size. Although I thought about getting this, especially since the sales associate was trying to convince me that it would be selling fast, I left it in the store. I still think about it and see that it is available in all sizes. This will be wishlisted in hopes of it making it to sale.

Are there any new arrivals that you have your eye on at J. Crew?


  1. Hi! I just found your blog. Great pics and reviews. I have also had dressing room laziness.

  2. Thanks for the reviews. The poncho is cute on you. I like the dot blouse too. I guess boxy is the shape of the season.

  3. The boyfriend sweatshirt is crazy big. I could get in that thing along w/you.The poncho is great!! Hope it makes its way to your closet.

  4. Hmm, that poncho looks awfully cozy, just the way I like when it gets chilly. Sale, you say?

  5. The poncho was definitely cozy. I'm hoping for a sale soon, but J. Crew is being stingy.

  6. I could have fit you and another person under that sweatshirt, lol.
    I've been trying to find a substitute for that poncho, but nothing else compares.

  7. There has definitely been a big run on boxy items. Let's hope some structure comes back soon.

  8. I think the button shoulder sweathsirt looks great on you. 50 bones is steeps for such a casual top though. Do you ever feel funny making the camera click in the dressing room? I always feel like I am going to kicked out like I am stealing wedding dress info!


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