Monday, March 28, 2011

Snack Break- Should Be Working, But I'd Rather Shop

Taking a bit of a break on this Monday to drool over some lovely new items. Will I cave under temptation or just get back to work?

Can you just imagine this with a cute pencil skirt or jeans or a nice cropped pant? Could be such a versatile wardrobe item.

I've had my black F+C for over 2+ years now and I still love it. This would make such a wonderful warm weather bag.

I think I'm going through a boho phase and the tassels on this sweater would be perfect to fit the bill. I could even go even further by wearing it with my Tory Burch clogs. Hello 70's, here I come!!

I saw these wedges on Sincerely, Jules and about died. I'm pretty sure printed shoes are missing from my closet and with so many colors, these would be a nice pop with a simple outfit.

My denim choices up until now have been whether or not to go light, medium or dark wash blue denim, but a colored pair would be a nice breath of fresh air. I could go totally preppy with a striped top (perhaps my confetti striped sweater).

Tell me what you've been craving!

Friday, March 25, 2011

OOTD- Rockin' A Pony

So, my mother has a go-to hair style of the side ponytail. I always wonder why she insists on wearing such a young girl look, yet here I am rocking a side pony. Oy, I'm slowly turning into my mother and I felt all of 12 y.o. today.

I scored this cardigan a few weeks ago and although I thought it was fun, it sat in my closet for a bit because I experienced wardrobe block. Other than jeans, I had no idea what to pair it with. Out of thin air came the idea to just go full force and indulge in some pattern play. A funky print dress with polka dots, I don't know if it worked, but you can't deny it was an interesting mix.

Do these two items work together? What would you pair with this cardigan?

Outfit Details:
Polka dot cardigan- J Crew (something similar here)
Purple dress- Tucker for Target (same dress, different print here)
Brown suede platforms- Charlotte Ronson
Turquoise dress- Forever 21
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

OOTD-Stripes with Lady Pants

It seems that winter and spring got into a tussle and winter put spring in a temporary coma. I'm sad that the sun is gone and forced to still wear sweaters, but such is the temperament of the season. To make the day a little bit better, I decided to break out my new bag.

Given my handbag addiction, I have to be careful not to max out the credit cards and live under a mountain of handbags that cover every style and color under the rainbow. I promised myself to make one bag purchase (for the time being) and let it be something in a print. It will go along with my other new addiction, printed dresses. I've accumulated three in the course of a week with two more on the way. I went from 0 to 60 in record time and had to issue myself a ban on dresses. Here's hoping temptation will leave me alone from now on.

What's your fashion weakness?

Outfit Details:
White herringbone blouse- Forever 21 (similar here)
Gray pants- Gap
Sweater blazer- Nanette Lepore (thifted for $3!!!!)
Black trench coat- DKNY
Striped tote- Rebecca Minkoff (available here in cheetah print)
Necklace- JewelMint
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

OOTD-Cool Breeze

Excuse the wrinkle action, I'm working on a cure for that!

Although being an adult means the weekends are usually full of taking care of missed chores and catching up on the ever ending to-do list; I think it's always important to have some fun too. This installation in front of one of DC's museums was perfect for a silly photo session and to get out and enjoy a serious breeze.

This new top from Old Navy is perfect for staying cool even with a beaming sun. Admittedly, Old Navy is just one of those stores that I rarely bother to check out. Sure, they are great for basics, but a lot of times I want something that's more than average and boring (although they made this leather hoodie one year that I still wish I had snagged). Grechen of Grechen's Closet wore this top in one of her recent outfit posts and I knew it would be great to fulfill that wardrobe need for a white blouse. As much as I would love an Equipment blouse, I don't want to invest in one and end up with an inevitable stain down the front. I swear there are magical forces out there in the universe to attract anything with color to white tops and pants.

Outfit Details:
White button-down- Old Navy (available here)
Denim skirt- Citizens of Humanity??
Green jacket- Forever 21 (similar here)
Lilac belt- J Crew
Black peep-toe wedges-
Double chain necklace- J Crew (available here)
Black handbag- Foley + Corinna (similar here)

Monday, March 21, 2011

OOTD-Don't Step on My Blue Suede Shoes

It's pouring buckets as I type (with thunder), so Friday's high temps and sun was the perfect opportunity to break out my new suede shoes. Bright and bold colors are the "trend" of the season, but can you really go wrong with such vibrancy and pop? Sometimes I like my work clothing to have a feeling of fun or as if I'm headed to a party later. That hasn't translated to a ballgown under a blazer, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't really fly, even if I dared to try it.

Are you daring to try bold color this season? If so, what color are you looking forward to wear?

Outfit Details:
Blue cardigan- Madewell
X print sleeveless top- Forever 21 (available here)
Gray ankle length denim- J Brand (via Ebay)
Yellow belt- Anne Klein (secondhand)
Blue suede pumps- Zara
Blue handbag- Forever 21
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

OOTD- Pinch Me For Not Being Green


Oops, I picked out my outfit today and totally blanked on the fact that it was St. Patrick's Day, so no green for me. I think the green wings at the office party and the wasabi with my sushi lunch will have to do.
The first official day of warmer weather and sunny skies had me craving something bright and fun, so out came this skirt from my closet. Pink is one of those colors that is hard for me to resist, so you know I had to make this mine. I thought the leopard print pumps would add a little sexy to the skirt party and I was thisclose to adding some extra color to my outfit, but I chickened out at the last minute.
Is there a fashion trend that you want to try, but feel a bit afraid to pull off in real life?

Outfit Details:
Cream tie-neck blouse- Banana Republic
Black cardigan- random from Marshall's
Pink pencil skirt- J. Crew (other colors on sale here)
Black trench- DKNY
Pumps- J. Crew (via Ebay)
Tan woven belt- secondhand find
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OOTD-Soft Landing

Look, I'm flying!

Although bold colors are the thing for this season, I couldn't resist the soft shade of this sweater. It was calling me from the computer screen to pair it with a pretty little skirt or something bold like my new cobalt blue shoes (thanks hon!).

Until I find that perfect skirt and there is no threat of rain to ruin my new suede shoes, I went for a simple outfit. My sweater kept me feeling cozy all day and my pants kept me limber for some serious super-hero like action. 

Am I crazy for buying a sweater with warm weather approaching? :)

Outfit Details:
Cashmere sweater- J. Crew (available here in gray)
Blue chinos- J. Crew outlet (similar here)
Patent leopard belt- J. Crew outlet
Tan ankle boots- Madewell
Rose gold watch- Shock Boutique
Crystal bracelet- J. Crew (via Ebay)
Gold mesh bracelet with crystal ball- Jewelmint (similar style here)

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Monday, March 14, 2011

OOTD- Spring Forward to Sunday

Yum, to tropical punch Now & Laters

Spring was definitely in the air, as the bf and I joined a ton of other people who wanted to soak up the sun outside yesterday. Although it wasn't extremely hot, I saw everything from booty shorts, straw fedoras and some people out with no jackets at all. I can tell that winter is no longer welcomed.

Did you have a lovely weekend? I sure did, as I had a nice movie date to see The Adjustment Bureau, wore my new clutch that took awhile to score on Ebay, and ate a boatload of candy. I think someone needs to take the bag of Now & Laters away before go through the whole stash. It's bad enough I cleaned the store's supply and took just my favorite flavor. Is there a candy from your childhood that you still love to indulge in sometimes?

Outfit Details:
Flower print blouse- Rebecca Taylor (similar style here)
Purple lace cami- Hanky Panky
Green jacket- Forever 21 (similar style here)
Denim jeggings- Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Green boots- See by Chloe
Purple patent clutch- Rebecca Minkoff
Tan woven belt- Secondhand find
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Friday, March 11, 2011

OOTD-These Boots Are Made for Stompin'

There is nothing better to me than a beautiful, sun-shiny day, but even when it's raining I can't be too upset. I have no problem embracing the rain with a hat to keep my hair from turning into a big frizz-fest and some fancy, fun footwear. Splashing in puddles is kind of cathartic and makes me miss that little elementary school girl who used to race the boys at recess and play on the jungle gym.

I thought the weekend would never come, but Friday is finally here. I'll be enjoying my friend Mr. Sunshine. Any exciting plans for you?

Outfit Details:
Black sweater- Basic Edition (thrift find)
Faux leather gray skirt- H&M
Red rainboots- Polo Ralph Lauren
Double link chain necklace- J. Crew (available here)
Dog umbrella- DAV (available here)
Gray bucket hat- Forever 21
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

OOTD- My Working Girl Uniform

I was looking through my pictures and thought with these details (gold button blazer, anchor belt, tall boots), I look like I'm wearing some type of military inspired outfit. If I don't say so myself, this would be ten times better than head to toe camouflage.

This long forgotten dress (that definitely needs to be hemmed even further) was the perfect addition to my neglected otk boots and my fun new belt. I saw that little number on Madewell's website and knew it would be perfect for my ever growing belt collection. I think I'm subconsciously working on a rainbow of colors. Yellow belt, I've got my eye out for you next!

Outfit Details:
Pink dress- (thrifted)
Blue blazer- Ralph Ralph Lauren (secondhand)
Tan OTK boots- LOFT
Blue anchor belt- Madewell (available here)
Handbag- LV Speedy
Brown pendant- Forever 21
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

OOTD-I've Got Confetti, Whose Coming to the Party?

I totally blanked on the fact that Mardi Gras was here until I was watching the news this morning, but the outfit I planned was ready for the party anyway. I saw this sequin sweater online and instantly fell in love. I hemmed and hawed over whether this was worth buying, should I wait for a sale, how practical are sequins? I was trying to convince myself I didn't need it, but a recent sale on sweaters had me still wanting to make it mine. Have you ever thought about something, tried to convince yourself not to get it, but just couldn't get it out of your mind?

There were no regrets on my part. My sweater brought a little party to work and some co-workers supplied jambalaya and king cake. Our own little celebration that's probably not as grand as the real deal, but still fun all the same.

Daily Outfit:
Sequin striped sweater- J Crew (available here)
Purple cords- Forever 21
Tan flats- Zara (old)
Handbag- Louis Vuitton Speedy
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