Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Checking Off Your Xmas List- The Ultimate Life Planner

Are you finished that holiday shopping yet!!!??? If not, get to it. Some advice that I need to take myself considering I have about a week and way too many people left on my list to cross off. Although I should be brainstorming for myself, I'm going to help those of you out there who are still thinking of what to get.

Does your best friend always stare at her closet in the morning for an eternity trying to come up with an outfit? Do you have a niece who is a little fashionista in the making pouring over issues of Instyle or Vogue? Is your bff at work still using a paper planner for all her important dates?  Perhaps you should consider getting a Stylit!! A creation of one of my favorite, stylish bloggers, Beth Jones of B. Jones Style. It's a monthly planner, inspiration display and wardrobe tamer in one. My bf calls it my doodle book because I've been drawing out some outfits for the week. It's a great way to document any ideas that pop into my head, I have a go-to outfit if I have no clue what to wear and I can easily see what my days are going to look like so I can plan out what to wear accordingly. I absolutely love my Stylit and would highly recommend this as a gift for a lucky gal in your life.  Or you could be naughty again and get one for yourself too.

Buy your Stylit here.

A few of images of things I like, want to try or want to buy. 

I am by no means a great drawer, but it's fun to use color pencils as an adult. :)


  1. lol @ it's fun to use color pencils as an adult

  2. Wow that a great idea! I've always wanted to keep an inspiration book as well...but I'm too lazy!

  3. OMG I totally need this like yesterday. Just found your blog and I'm LOVING it so far!!!

  4. Special K, you should definitely get one. I absolutely love mine and am always trying to think up outfits to create!!
    Thanks for visiting. :)


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