Wednesday, April 6, 2011

OOTD- Squeezing Out the Knit


With the temperatures slooowly creeping back up, I figured this would be the best time for me to squeeze some extra wear time with one of my sweaters. I managed to make through the day unscathed, but on the way home I started a slight lady sweat (not to be mistaken to the bucket sweat where is just pours down your back, yuck! Not looking forward to that).

Although I am usually one for bright colors, I can help but love all of these softer tones that are out this season. So soft and feminine, I even grabbed a few to try on in the mall yesterday (reviews to come soon, stay tuned).

On a different note, does anyone else find themselves watching HSN or QVC for no reason? I've never been one for watching these shopping networks except recently. I blame none of my shows being on as the reason. Let's hope I don't find myself placing an order for some Levi's Curve jeans and Lancome make-up in the next hour.

Outfit Details:
Trench coat- Jean Paul Gaultier for Target
Lilac cashmere sweater and black elastic belt- J Crew
Leopard scarf- ASOS
Black knit pencil skirt- Gap
Tan ankle boots- Madewell


  1. Your Asos scarf is so fabulous. You're rockin' that outfit :)

  2. Those booties are fantastic - I love them!

  3. I totally watch QVC and HSN, especially if I am traveling. Why? Who knows! I am also obsessed with infomercials. And I just like crappy TV in general.

  4. You look fantastic!
    And yes, the weather here has been insane.I hope it gets warm and stays warm soon.

  5. Thanks for the love guys!!

    @basiccravings- Glad to know I'm not the only one watching. Normally I don't buy anything, but succumed recently to a pair of shoes. :) Let's hope it stops there, although Jonathan Adler is debuting tomorrow.

  6. Your Asos scarf is so fabulous. You're rockin' that outfit :)


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